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5 Unique Ways To Consume CBD Products

5 Unique Ways To Consume CBD

The CBD industry has had a ton of heroic pioneers, from Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, who is the first man to be able to isolate CBD and further describe what its chemical structure is, to then go on and further have the first CBD brand that had decided marketing CBD was a good idea. The compound Cannabidiol has since come a very long way.

Most people still choose to take the basic forms of CBD products those consist of CBD capsules and CBD oil. However with the ever so expanding CBD market new products are constantly being introduced all the time. As these new products are getting produced and introduced to the scene they are becoming more and more unique with some of them just being flat out bazaar.

What makes this so great though is that there is a market for these "unique" CBD products and some cannabidiol consumers are definitely enjoying them. This article I am going to tell you about 5 unique methods to consume CBD.

CBD Makeup

CBD makeup is similar to CBD skin care products. CBD makeup has entered the scene with a huge impact for the feminine side of the industry. Lets make things straight here as well we’re not talking about face creams here or topicals like you might be thinking, what I am talking about is concealers, foundations, and mascaras, eye liners and the list goes on and on. There is a leading product in this particular niche called "KUSH Mascara" by Milk Makeup and they are proving to be quite the talk amongst makeup coinsurers.

Now to be quite frank with you i understand CBD foundation more than I do CBD mascara and that is because foundation will at least be affecting the skin. But this Milk Makeup brand claims that there KUSH mascara is more "conditioning" (whatever that means) than any other mascaras that are currently out there so just maybe that’s what the allure to this particular product is.

CBD Tooth Picks

This one is probably the most random item I have come across and that is CBD Toothpicks, these are something that I have been seeing more and more of lately for some odd reason. These toothpicks are pretty much just a normal toothpick, but they have been infused with CBD and sometimes they come in other somewhat delicious flavors. The thing with these toothpicks though is you probably are not going to be using it to pick your teeth with them though. The reason being is these particular CBD toothpicks are more intended for you to chew on them instead.

To use these you just simply chew on each end of the toothpick and that is going to then release a steady dose of CBD. The slow release that these toothpicks have some users find that it is beneficial for them. They say that those who often experience anxiety find that the physical act of chewing on something to be quite comforting and relaxing for them.

Another great thing about these unique toothpicks is that the bioavailability of the toothpicks is supposed to be really good. CBD can sometimes be picked up in your saliva and then it’ll reach the ECS (endocannabinoid system) quickly through capillaries in your mouth.

CBD Bath Products

The CBD skincare industry has really taken off over the years. This part of the industry started out with what is known as CBD topicals and as the years have gone on it has boomed and items such as face creams, CBD moisturizers and even lotions have arrived into the CBD industry. Lately it may seem as if the market has hit its peak in CBD bath products. Bath bombs and bath salts have begun springing up as well all over online.

Taking a bath in CBD is in my opinion the ultimate method in topical CBD application. Instead of you just applying the CBD to one general area the CBD will come in contact with your entire body instead. Also there is a ton of essential oils in these particular CBD products. These types of essential oils are good for helping you relax and unwind after a long day.

Now with CBD topicals the CBD will penetrate the layers of skin to reach the cannabinoid receptors that are near the surface. This has been heard to promote healthy clear skin there is many skincare lovers out there who are enjoying the “glow” that these products are known to give. If this type of CBD topical sounds like it may be of interest to you then I would suggest a full-body CBD bath would be one of the best ways for you to go about it.

CBD Suppositories

In my opinion I think that CBD suppositories are pretty in line with being one of the most "unique" products on this list right there along with the CBD toothpicks. For those that aren’t aware of what a suppositorie is it’s a device that is administered vaginally or anally to help clean you out to put it in a simple way.

Now I have never tried a suppositories or have really ever seen one in person but what I have heard is that suppositories are very effective when they have CBD infused in them because the CBD can be then easily absorbed into the bloodstream via capillaries in the vaginal or anal passages. Someone might be interested in the use of suppositories because they may having trouble or struggle with being able to swallow pills/capsules or even in some cases edibles. Suppositories are not for everyone however don’t knock it till you try it is one of my favorite sayings.

Now if you do end up using a suppositorie it is very important to take note of hygiene. It is important to note to make sure that you are keeping everything clean and sanitary while you are using one of these suppositories.

CBD Inhalers

CBD Vaping has lately become a huge trend amongst CBD consumers but mainly amongst the millennials but there are still older vapors out there who enjoy partaking in this trend. The reason why it has become such a huge trend is that the consumption method is very easy and discrete; you can basically do it anywhere. What it also does it avoids the hemp taste and is also a very fast-acting method of being able to feel the medicinal effects that one is seeking. Here is an interesting fact and that is when you are inhaling CBD it is one of the fastest ways for CBD to take effect, and it is also has a very high bioavailability.

The downside with these CBD vapes is there is still quite a bit of a health concerns, the debate has always been rather it’s a safer alternative to smoking, since with vaping you actually aren’t combusting any material like you are with actual flower. What some of these companies have done to get away from the stigma of vaping is they have started to make "CBD inhalers". These inhalers almost resemble what an asthma inhaler would look like. They can are also used in the same fashion as an asthma inhaler the only thing that these type of inhalers harbor is a compressed form of CBD in an aerosol form. These might just be the true alternative to having a safer method then what vaping was supposed to be.

The downside with these inhalers right now is the CBD inhalers are pretty difficult to find anywhere. What also is happening with this trend is that they are being trialed for CBD-based medications and are also very common to find them being used in this context rather than as a food supplement like other CBD products are. With these being so new we can only hope that they will become more mainstream as time goes on and people start to recognize the true benefits of CBD Inhalers.