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Full- Spectrum CBD Oil vs CBD Isolate


I am sure if you have been in the market to buy CBD oil you have come across the terms “Full-Spectrum” and “CBD isolate”. To better understand how Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate are different lets explain how these are unique in their own way. Basically to make things easy to understand it means the type of cannabinoid content in each product. Let’s break it down and dive deeper into what exactly the terms “Full-Spectrum” and “CBD Isolate” are when referring to particular cannabinoids.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

When referring to Full Spectrum CBD it will contain other cannabinoids besides CBD. In the United States the THC content is not allowed to exceed 0.3%. There is a major concern amongst people that consume Full Spectrum CBD and that is in regards to the present levels of THC. If you are in a profession that does not allow you to consume THC or if you are living in a state where THC is illegal then this might be a concern about what the THC levels are. Contrary to this our federal law here in the US states that all CBD products must be extracted from hemp and not from marijuana. The law on what hemp is classified as is it must contain less than 0.3% THC. The very small amounts found in these products will not make the user high.

Full Spectrum CBD oil is when none of the cannabinoids are removed in the process this also includes the psychoactive compound THC. Full Spectrum CBD products have a very diverse and dynamic cannabinoid profile which what that means is it carries all the therapeutic cannabinoids. These cannabinoids also include terpenes and flavonoids which these will always occur naturally in hemp. When the cannabinoids have been extracted from the hemp the entire extracted product is then made into a fully consumable product. This will allow for the user to get a full healthy dose from all the cannabinoids insuring a much better reliving product that is more desirable for users. If you are going to purchase Full Spectrum CBD oil or any CBD products it’s important that you read the label of your product, to check what the lab reports indicate full spectrum should always have less than 0.3% THC.

What is CBD Isolate

When someone is to refer to CBD isolate it means that the product contains only CBD (cannabidiol) and no other cannabis compounds. When referring to CBD Isolate it should not contain any other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes however terpenes are sometimes added to CBD Isolates due to its low to non-existent THC-content. When referring to CBD Crystals they’re just purified CBD that has been extracted from industrial grade hemp and isolated from all the other cannabinoids. One of the many reasons that people would rather consume CBD Isolate over Full Spectrum CBD Oil is mainly because CBD doesn’t cause the infamous high and also has multiple benefits for our health and well-being there has been evidence from recent studies that have scientifically proven possibilities to treat or prevent different problems and diseases. CBD Isolate will either come in a powdery substance or a crystal form. 

That always brings up the question: Is CBD Isolate edible and safe to eat? What is the preferred method of consuming it? Can CBD Isolate be successfully vaped? How much CBD Isolate should be taken in a single dose? Here are the answers that I have heard while being in the industry. The most efficient method of consuming CBD Isolate to get the best results is by vaping. There are numerous CBD vape juices or CBD e-liquids sold like the ones you can find at NewEra CBD. Most of the vape juices only contain CBD Isolate that has been diluted into a PG/VG base. These kind of vape juices in particular can be made at home all that you need is the PG/VG base and CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate can also be consumed by eating it just as is or you are able to mix it into different foods. When you choose the method of eating CBD Isolate it is best to put it under your tongue, which is called sublingual use. This method will allow for the most efficient absorption.

Studies have shown that CBD does have more benefits among other non-intoxicating cannabis compounds. Some studies have indicated that there is a strong benefit to doing the whole plant extraction. These studies have shown that when THC and CBD are used in combination with each other that’s where there is a lot more favorable medicinal benefits.