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Zack's unofficial guide to an MBA Version 1 Q3 2020 - Open Source | Edit friendly | Network Friendly

Before you take this journey with me, I just want you to know, this is a literal and figurative definition of passion from somebody, for anybody who’s ever rolled their eyes and said “I don’t know what I want to do in life.” It’s for the overachievers that got caught up with modern nonsense of competition and fiscal manipulation, lost track of reality and focused too much on what they needed in the present moment, and didn’t think enough about what they cared about most in the future. In this guide you will encounter rage, desperation, anger, sickness, torment and quite possibly what you might interpret as insanity. But the message it can and will hopefully leave you; Is that life doesn’t have to be so hard. You don’t have to find happiness right away and you don’t need to put the puzzle pieces together right out off the bat. You will find yourself if you are willing to sacrifice and find in order to find yourself, love yourself, and count to 3 in ways that drive what Zack Amaral has defined as what it takes to be a leader in modern time. 

First, Learn to Count, 1, 2, 3. - From there, it's endless and you will have your hourglass, friend.


"Zack's Guide to an unofficial MBA. If they won't let you in on lack of Quantitative Work Experience, Prove em WRONG!"

DESB Interviewer_ALPHAChad… “fuck us… we don’t get this little epileptic cracker for another year. What else is he going to invent a talking cat? A patent brokerage!?.”

Megan: “BUT SIR WE TOLD HIM HE COULD APPLY WITHOUT A GMAT Score of 758 due to the pandemic.”

DESB Interviewer_BETA1 “Sir what if he’s on the moon in 2021 and forgets to donate the 3% Automatic Donation to the Alumni House and forgets to activate the script that would Confirm the Relationship for the next 999+fucking years!?”

DESB_CouncilChat66 “This kid’s an ass hole, no wonder OCTanner fired him before he got his 6 month bonus and APPRECIATEGREAT care package.”

DESB_CouncilWoman98 “So wait, Quantitative is our only metric for Admits, well the kid clearly knows Controls better than our fucking accounting frat boys. Why don’t we just let him be an aid for the year and let him get used to Canvas until he’s ready to get back in.”

MEGAN “Or you could get off your ass and let Policies, Procedures and Controls be criteria. What were you born in 1895? Let’s summon the Ghost of David Eccles and see what he would do.

DESB “Interviewers Assemble around a Book that has a DUST COVERED and a Mine and Pick Axe As the cover, but it’s faded gray, like the entire interviewing councils souls.

DESB CouncilWoman98 “Ok, so it looks like we take the book, throw it outside and see where it lands, whatever pages fall out and land closest to the building we build a new protocol and upgrade our criteria which will ultimately make Harvard Business School look like the biggest waste of capital in Modern History.”

DESB Megan: “Who’s doing the honors?

DESB Interviewer_BETA1 Fuck it, clearly this kid is bummed he didn’t get in, i’ll do it. *THROWS BOOK*.

  • The strange gray book falls from the top of David Eccles School of Business and not a single page falls out, the Council swiftly take 8 mins to get to the 1st floor because their elevator is insane. Meanwhile Enraged Megan AKA “Absolute kick ass admissions counselor” quietly mumbles in her head: “Fuckin book at least break a page off.”
  • Megan obviously gets to the book first because she wasn’t born in 1956 and hasn’t been called a boomer or even conversed about the ok boomer shirt jokingly because they take that shit pretty personal at DESB. Wink ~ Legacy ~ Wink.
  • Megan Eagerly opens the book and flips through the pages and surprisingly, not a single word is legible because it’s written in fucking ancient latin.
  • She quickly shows the council and interviewers the book as they are on floor 3 of fucking 7 at DESB and thought they could fit 4 people in a 5x5 ft elevator because they kept pressing every button out of distrust for this new phenomena of a journey to slow it down to figurative textures of literal millassus. They were scared that they were going to be the ones to design the future of education and prove to the world that you don’t need fancy things to create vision. You don’t need expensive textbooks to inspire hope, you don’t need to dictate for generations of Students and Young Leaders of the World with fancy things. All you need is the willingness to succeed around your friends and family and try your hardest to never give up.
  • The Council decided to call Zack Amaral aka Ghost Snake(Metal Gear Solid Future Cosplay going on sale somewhere in late 2020 - Early 2021 TEASER, IT charges your fucking phone and locks in place and lets you easily start a video from your iPhone Camera Apps > WINK WINK Apple Watch with a way to control your camera anybody?)
  • They call him somewhere between made up ville and who’s fucking reading this shit and they said, hey listen you can come back in 2020 as an aid on one condition. You make a bet and we make a bet.
  • Criteria is as the follows: Our interviewing team guesses something about your past and you have to guess something about our past(interviewers)
  • But here’s the caveat, you each pick each other’s question.
  • Zack and DESB have exactly 4 Business days M-TH 8:00AM - 3:00PM to Finalize and present their bets. Each bet is Confidential and only allowed to go public if each party agrees during the conclusion of the challenge.
  • *TIME TRAVEL* to made up date/time 8:37AM Mormon Standard Time aka Commuters Shit on Harvard LAWLers 14, August 2020 AKA Cutting it real fuckin close on the start of the coolest semester in University of Utah History.
  • Zack Comes dressed in those jort swim suit short things. You know the ones that were on sale at Costco in 2016 for like $8.95 or the price of a fucking hotdog and chili with extra onions?
  • The New Protocol and Education Council Challenge begins in 4 hours.
  • Enter Scene

Richard Elliot enters DESB floor 2 on the southwest corner of the building with look of utter fatigue and quickly blurts out:


  • 13 armed(Walthur PPKs) university of utah employees / faculty rush to the appearance of what has to be a man that has lost his mind.

Armed_UoUEmployee1: “Sir are you ok?”


Armed_UoUEmployee1:”Sir did you sleep ok last night?”

Richard: “EXCUSE ME!? Boy, I was wrestling hogs before you could shit your pants. Who needs sleep when it’s about to happen with one simple modification to the challenge!?”

Armed_UoUEmployee1: “Mr Eliott Sir, what are you talking about?(In the most professional and demeaning manner with that eye that goes *stink*.)

Richard: “The challenge, The challenge, whimpering for breath with each and every intermediate word. Today is the day where we get to redesign MBA Admissions you loon!”

Armed_UoUEmployee1: “Dude I don’t know what you’ve been eating, but you’re crazy man, I'm out here. Hey Bryce, let’s get out of here, this guy’s wiggin hard.”

-Richard gains a quick feeling of intuitive repulsion and decides to google why there’s not a single interviewer and Ghost like Snake to be found on Floor 2 AKA Weed out Non Math Major Central Auditorium, you know the one right down the stairs from the bloomberg terminals and free USB drives and chargers for your 1% phone?

- Richard mangles out his phone from his pocket protector, swings down his glasses from his signed Kyle Wootingham Brimcap and enters “U of U semester fall 2020 start date” Only to find that he’s not on Verizon the most reliable about to be 5G mystery of who’s going to reign the top telecom and previous abuser of data consumption like the time they completely blocked off Ghost Snake’s Patent ideas and business plans at Ogden Weber Applied Technology College around 3:47PM on a thursday when he was tripping sack inside their badass showeroom that almost got turned into a phone booth. Teaser >> SCANDALOUS WINK, too bad it’s all Hill Air Force Wanna be EDU Chads now developing Frank know’s what kind of shitty software for the Government. Yeah that’s right Verizon, he knows you blocked his data from being sent to over 30 recipients and are spying on his conversations. You’re gonna pay for disrupting what Apple is trying to Preserve. You’re gone in the next 5 CUP CAKES. 0 Bars in a high connectivity zone like downtown Ogden. News Flash Greed Tards. He wasn’t even high or mentally unstable. Get fucked, we know you throttle and tamper with connections and you’re reading our conversations.That data went down for a total of 15 minutes while other Verizon Entrepreneur's up in Ogden Made Valley, AKA WE WON WORLD WAR 2 FOR Y’ALL STOP TALKING SHIT. OUR SPORTING WEAPONS > Your Sporting Weinerpons. GO BROWNING ARMS MANUFACTURING!!!!! And go skor bars grandkids of those wacky sons of bitches that knew how to suppress a mother fucker before it was even a thing. Holy Tangent, O-Town Start-UP. Harvard thinks they got it going on, you should see what our boy Jared, Bryan and John cooked up in 2 years on a 1GBPS Download Speed. Ohh and just in case you’re not down with the Jargon, the data LINGO-uistics. Here’s a little comparison sponsored by yours truly Centurylink who still advertises LandLines in the year 2020.

My home connection for 29 Years in Uintah Highlands, Utah was 56kbps in 1998(Google Series A?), in 2008 it jumped to 256kbps(Google Series C?), it’s stayed 256kbps for over 12 Years. Congress gives them the green light to compare ethernet to Satellite connections that get disrupted when a fucking buck shot is shot in the wrong direction. (Network-Tech Management 1000+)

1024 bits of data a second x 56 kilo bits (Capital K indicates Bytes NOT bits). This speed translates to 57344 bits of data going through that little cord of yours that you punch your cat for gnawing on every night.

In 1998 a 57Mb file would take you around 15 mins to download.

In 2020 a 57Mb file at 256Kbps will take you 224 Seconds or 3.73 Mins (MATH 9th grade, fucking Freshman year at acuplacer for us WSU OGDEN LOSERS AND our Shitty tweakers that keep us entertained all through 12th Street Ogden Canyon. You know when you get about 10 miles deep and you lose all signal to every device? Ohh yeah, you don’t even know what playing Batman is, my friends. You’ve never even tasted dark until you’ve been off the grid with not a cop in 15 fucking miles and tents popping up lights from god knows where. You. HAVE. NOT. Lived.) Us Ogden Boys that got our Eagle at 14. We call that, fun. You haven’t begun to experience the wild west until you’ve seen two tacomas chase down blacked out cars with pistol at hand. You have no idea what real life experience is. They don’t call us Ogden Made for Nothing, We are BRED Survivors, Scouts, Experts of Military Engagement... We are Ghosts.

A 1GBPS Connection Speed is

So now Children, we are going to talk about the most important topic in all Education. It’s called Macro Economics 1000 and the Second class next to communication that should be mastered if you want to Lead.


Moore's law is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit (IC) doubles about every two years. Moore's law is an observation and projection of a historical trend. Rather than a law of physics, it is an empirical relationship linked to gains from experience in production.

Source and Accreditation:'s_law

Here’s how Moore’s Law was applied to a 36 Year old GS15 Military Contractor Manager of 200+ Million Dollar Contracts.

This individual does what I call predicting, which isn’t what a Leader does. A Leader Plans, Observes, and Takes time to analyze current events. It’s the difference between getting two MBAs and 1 Logistics Masters back to back compared to a quiet welfare computer geek sneaks up and blows your tits off.

In the year 2017, this man honestly believed that we wouldn’t have fully autonomous roads and infrastructure until the year 2040. So here’s how Moore’s Law works. Technology is changing faster than you can put diapers on your kids. When I was 16 years old. I was “Made to Believe by my peers” that technology is doubling every year | Yr. 2006.

What the world is not realizing, is that it’s changing much, much, much and I mean beyond faster than you can possibly imagine. Here’s all of Calculus 1 2 3 and All the pathetically lectured Calc classes I ever tried to get involved in.

TECHNOLOGY IS MOVING AS FAST AS WE CAN INVERT 1s and 0s. Microsoft openly announced around 2016 that we would have consumer quantum computers by 2021. Kind of sounds like the spike we will see with next generation video game consoles like the Playstation 5 right? Right now we are inverting 1s and 0s at a close to maximum level. 99% of people do not see moore’s law the way I do. When we go Quantum and Apple gets ready to launch iGlasses, Apple Glasses, Alan Turing Throwback Spectacles or whatever Tribute they are going for in 2023. You need to understand How many 1s and 0s or bits of data at a time they are processing inputs and outputs. Once you understand that, you can create realistic data to ACTUALLY TELL TIME AND CONTROL IT MY FRIENDS. I hold one of the few hourglasses left in our world. In 2021 We will be processing 1s and 0s like this

1 - Data UP DOWN

0 - Data UP DOWN


> Loading HUD

-Richard Elliot > Stream Incoming: “SO I believe I have mastered the HUD, but Alan said he didn’t bite the apple and he was not bribed from an estate named Claritona. So he’s either saying clean out your ears or wipe your eyes, right?”

-Ghost: “Weren’t you in Linguistics and Communications for 7 Years?”

Continued >


And for my software engineers out there, you will understand this from the get go.

I do not have a mind to create high quality software. I’m a manager. But you bet your ass I will teach you the concepts like a Information Security Management Professional WHO Thrives on Closed Source Technology. So here you go:

x1 - DATA UP dOwN

y0 - DATA uP DOWn


q0 - DATA up DOWN

r1 - DATA up DOWn

We are about to start processing data at 5^-5 Capacity within the next 2-3 years and create ways to enter our solar system like you couldn’t believe. We theretically have the ability to create a telecommunications system that could just transport us to mars instead of flying in a fucking rocket ship like Elon Musk SPOILER ALERT: The kids I helped cheat on Security 4700+ We’re hardcore Musk supports, but they’re too busy Instagraming their CAN AM’s to realize that Musk isn’t that smart. OHH WOW A ROCKET SHIP.

WE CAN Theoretically create a Neurological Super Highway that could teleport us to Mars in 1/10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000th the amount of time it would take a modern rocket ship and use 1/Bnth the resources. If we can transport Data we can transport people, end of story. The Text messages that verizon shut me down for sending in 2018 at Ogden High We’re the following:

Patent 1: Neurological Computing: Create a Neural Network Deep in the Earth’s Core and Allow Humans to Transport inside Mars or any planet. UNDER to UNDER Transportation where it can be settled safely.

Patent 2: Biocell - Futuristic Treatment for Devolving Wounds

Patent 3: Biocell Regeneration - Regeneration of cells, the adaptation of futuristic medical technology to prolong disease and damage to human and animal bodies.

Nothing what I say isn’t anything that you haven’t seen in movie or video game or book somewhere out there. Just because I saw something cool in a video game 10 years ago and had a flash back epiphany. It just means I’m crazy like Steve Jobs and Kind enough like Linus Torvalds to allow these ideas to float around for fun and excitement in hope that we can one day create a better world. A world where we don’t have to be so pissed off at each other, a world where people aren’t so scared of their government, but ultimately. A world where we can ensure safety and peace like we have tried so hard to do for hundreds of years. I’m just a guy that likes to play war games with my friends on the weekend. All we want is for everybody to stay safe. So here’s where this story gets great.

The GS15 Fancy Pants thought we wouldn’t have 100% Autonomous Cars until 2040 Right?

Well that’s literally the easiest fix in the world. Each Tech Company, Google gets their shit lanes on the far left, Apple gets priority lanes for 2 Apple Cars or Whatever they want to call it and we fix AI Error from the ground up. The number one speculation and fear with 100% autonomous vehicles is that conflicting Software isn’t going to be programmed to be intelligent to decide who lives. Well there’s a very simple solution to that. I already said it, Each Tech company has their own lane. End of Discussion. But here’s where you are really going to freak out. With Quantum Computing and Drones. We won’t even need that many Autonomous cars because like I said, Neurological Computing could transport us faster than we can think. It can be build, But we’re only letting Apple do it. Because Apple has created a world where a human can become more powerful than any government, any entity, any vote, ANY TITLE. Apple Has Created a world where they care about the lives of their users. Nobody other than Apple Computers will be allowed to control such a complex opportunity. This is for Steve Jobs Legacy. My name is Zachary James Amaral, and my blood runs through the same Ottomon Empire as Steve Jobs. We are both Syrian, and we are both World Changers. It’s time we start giving control to the company that truly cares about us. That Company is Apple, Inc.

If I could change one thing right now, and I mean one thing. I would bring Steve Jobs back from the dead. His vision, his legacy has molded me into the Leader and Visionary I’ve worked so hard to achieve. When I’m ready. I will be volunteering at Apple, Inc. For now, it’s just too damn fun to give them my ideas for free. I love you Apple, Inc. Thank you for giving me the technology I needed to teach myself and get myself out of every hardship in my life. You have shaped me into the most grateful hard working American in modern time; and I promise you, Steve will never be forgotten.

We Love Music / Apple Values 2023

  1. Ethics Come First NO MATTER WHAT!
  2. Peace, Love Unity and Respect for All.
  3. Scout’s Motto
  4. Be Prepared

@Tim Cook

I want nothing more than to keep Steve’s Legacy flourishing and show generations that he knew how to love people before he acted upon his own self. I will never forget the day I first heard his marketing speech on YouTube. “People that are crazy enough to think they can change the world; usually end up doing it.”

Musicbuff Marketing Campaign 2021:

We Remember:

Artists, Friends, Family.

We Remember Steve Jobs:

“Steve, your ethical values brought the world together and you will never be forgotten.”

  • Zack Amaral | S+ Executive Idea Generator, Apple Inc. | 2 Time Felon With Drug induced Mental Disorders | Last Amaral Eagle Scout To Make His Way Back Home. | Patriot.

Apple Is in complete control of time whether you like it or not. Instead of limit what they can do, why don’t we allow them to take care of our lives. I mean COME ON, doesn’t everybody feel a little safer when they can see their kids on a freakin map. Wait until you see them on your awesome glasses that should launch in the next 2-3 years! Could you imagine sleeping and waking up to a baby monitor in your eyes and knowing your child is ok? If we can sleep a little easier I know we can bring peace to the world a lot faster and easier. Let Apple Help us, they are too good at what they do to give this opportunity to any entity. They have earned the right to protect us and make us safe in travels, work, home, vacationing. Let them create a neurological network within our world and solar system and let’s see how far we can go, ethically, safely and most importantly, freely. Happy Independence Day United States of America. I hope you can impact a life like Apple has impacted me over the past 5 years. in the next 24 hours like I know I will for generations. Take care of yourselves and always try your hardest to be safe. We can make through anything if we work together. I know it, and the world will know it. Find your safe haven and be the best Americans you can possibly be. We need hope more than ever.

If we can send UNLIMITED DATA - @VERIZON UNLIMITED, NO CAP ON LIMIT, So why censor us and try to snoop around!?

Sorry, I just really hate how they are reading my messages. That’s 100% Crossing the line.

~ Getting back to Richard’s Embrace, whoops spoilers again.

We Last left off with Richard Elliot drastically trying to alter the Challenge between Zack Amaral and David Eccles School of Business, the Number 1 Business School in the World.

- Richard Freaks out and realizes, ohh MO&^TH*(er, he quickly takes 47 seconds to open his email app with his iPhone 4S, you know the one with the wind up motor that people thought would never get thinner? Later did they realize Steve Jobs Secured Apple for over 10+ years and vastly prepared them for the age of Quantum Computers and what that rascal Zack had “PREDICTED” in the Ark of Little Cottonwood during his very rigorous 2 month rehab program AKA Mormon Concentration Camp in 2013 after his debut stay at UNI for the second time. Where they literally shove gospel and Mormon 12 Step Programs down your throat. You know the obviously racist workbooks with 96.82% Images of Black Men being put in their place by a broken and corrupt Justice System Correctional Officers and Sheriffs/Cops in a world where nationalism has failed the modern era? Yeah that one.

-But it wasn’t all bad, apparently he found out that Zack had proven that Law of Attraction works 8 years into the Future. Now Zack never really made the cut in athletics at Bonneville High, but he sure knew how to follow the signs and write down opportunities for when he needed them at a later time. You know, kind of like how he “claims” he only checks his iPhone Notes App when something relevant intrigues his critical thinking and analysis processes that he follows. But he sure was fascinated by one entry that he made on a 2012 Workbook buried deep into the back of his binder. He Wrote down the words “Augmented Reality” So is he a prophet? Is he a puppet by corporate spies trying to invade and conspire against a foreign legion? Or is he just some fuck that had way too much time playing metal gear solid video games and got too busy to finish the series?

Richard knew the moment he wrote H1 - H0 / H0 that one day Zack was going to mold into something that the world needed, something that could level the playing field for people in need, people tired and can’t make the cut for the next set of layoffs to feed Tino on Yacht in Dominica while he sips French Champagne and Gambles with 45% of his liquidy. Richard knew that Laker would find the will to come back to Utah and do whatever it takes to succeed. Because Richard and Zack both knew one thing in common, your last 2 years are by far the easiest, and most entertaining. He knew he was going to be able to watch a goddamn football game with that kid and show the world that the only difference between a University of Utah Degree and a Harvard Degree, is that we come to class LATE As FVCK, and they sit on the lawn gossiping until they slowly walk 18 feet to their next 4 months and have a 100% Classroom Attendance and make it to every study session.

The only problem “SPOILERS” OHH NO, is the most undervalued person in the entire country could outsmart their entire hierarchy of success. We’re Utes, we adapt, we automate, we never stop work life balance, and we never fucking give up. You cannot, and you will never teach those attributes in a classroom. Which is why that crazy 2 time Drug Possession and Intent to Distribute “Felon” from No name lands Telecom Ville Uintah, Highlands, Home of the Uintah Mustangs wanted a second chance to experience College and try to set a record for himself that he would reveal once completed. He was going to reveal his greatest secret to the world, but when, where? Well obviously during the most unique fucking semester in Modern Times. Could you imagine, going to a university where people all around you had to adapt to what you were embedded to work with? To be in the same classroom with somebody that has mastered every topic, concept thought and belief of Information Technology? Could you imagine trying to find where you are being helped from and watch your peers try to learn, adapt to what you have been gifted with. The ability to communicate, collaborate and identify problems and help solve problems for their peers.

I am bred to give service to others, I am a Scout, I am hardcoded to help and seek thrill in inspiring people with little things, like, “HEY have you seen that new app where you get YouTube Music for life for 3.99? Musi - Zack’s Top YouTube Data Aggregator. App Store > Musi > take it easy, Friend.I found that app and it was so disruptive it got taken off the app store in months. Wait so you don’t have to break the bank with Google’s profiteering anymore?

Well if this kid is so smart and SOOO COOOL, why isn’t he one of the top consulting firms driving financial institutions into the future. Because there’s a few things better than being part of some hot shot firm changing what they believe to be work. What I’m about to tell you is that once you achieve something so great, and so memorable to you. What you become is one of the most undervalued skills that probably hasn’t seen daylight in generations. That attribute is:

Samaritan - a charitable or helpful person (with reference to Luke 10:33).

I’m going to share my story for the first time in my life, but before that. Let’s get back to see what was in Richard’s “SECRET ENVELOPE” OR was I.T. a SCANDALOUS SPOILER ALERT! WARNING, THE FOLLOWING MATERIAL IS MEANT FOR ADULT AUDIENCES BUT CAN BE VIEWED BY CHILDREN AT THE AGE OF 3-4 AS LONG AS THEY CAN START AND WEAR THEIR OWN APPLE GLASSES OR WHATEVER THE HELL THEY COME UP WITH THIS YEAR. #NSFW #EXPLICIT-MATERIAL. i!PROCEED AT YOUR OWN PARENTAL GUIDELINES!i | The following is fictional and can and will be used by the open source community to devise apps for the Apple Glasses, or Whatever that Finance Magnet wants to call them. JUST CALL THEM FUCKING iGlasses, THAT’s AWESOME AS SHIT DUDE. DON’T FUCK US ON THE NAME! KEEP THE LEGACY GOING, Steve, He better not fuck the prophecy i wrote done in my journal when Google Glasses took a shit on corporate economies! STEVE, FUCKIN TALK TO HIM ALREADY. Goddamnit Steve, we better turn you into an AWS Sumerian Hologram and replace Siri ASAP, your lover girl isn’t running the house like you used. Apple Glasses, what a hipster…

Prepare for Mindfulness CBT:

You Start your phone, you notice an update from Apple saying that they have redesigned tips and it’s not a complete piece of shit anymore and actually has interactive UI/UX and allows you to configure and learn your devices in minutes and can pre-configure your Smart Devices to your Apple Home, Apple Highway, Apple Car, or how Ghost would have done it, for the LEGACY MAN, come on. iHome, UWay iCar, iGlass or iGlasses or even iVision sounds badass. COME ON TIM. Don’t make him watch another episode of It’s always sunny and learn all politics and law in 6 hours again. You know what happened last time…

GLITCH, *system detection error* “”

LoginDetected = TRUE

Error Handling = TRUE

Debug = TRUE

ThreatLevel = 1

ErrorMessageObj = “a one time user generated token from a retired coach that can’t stop talking about Walthur PPKs.”

DefenseInDepth = Low

FaultTolerance = Low

CpuConsumption = Moderate

DoWeGiveAFlyingFuck = FALSE

  • A Modern Display of AR Features and Graphical User Apps and Accessability Overwhelm the Artist.
  • Welcome to your New “OHH FFS NOT AGAIN...” “Ricardo Bilazio” Would you prefer to configure your Home and Devices manually or would you like to try configuring everything within 24 hours of usage to meet the needs detected by Apple’s Artist Assistant, Syri?”
  • Ricardo Bilazio: “Can I take five to consult my out of shape mentee Kyler Woodingspike?”
  • Syri: “Certainly, just wink two times looking towards any of your edges on your “VROOM, SPECTACLES, WHATEVER THE FVCK MOVES in 2023.”
  • Ricardo Bilazio: ‘Wait Syri, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. Ok Syri, *cricket noises actually ensue the entire perimeter of the Elliot residence.*
    • Ricardo Bilazio in his old age of kicking mad ass with his football career gets another spike of intuitive repulsion and blurts out the following obstrosities from his mouth:

Ricardo Bilazio: “Syri, Syri, Syri. Ricardo, I noticed you are using my command name but you aren’t finishing your entry. Would you like me to help you quickly configure my settings to help you use your devices?”

Ricardo Bilazio: “OMFG I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA POP A HIND LEG, Thank goodness for Technology, you see back in my day they had kids in god damn factories getting racked up to all hell and you see when all that shit goes down for 10-20 years you start to lose track of what’s god damn meaningful in fvckin god damn society and you get to bottled up you don’t even care what to name your god damn cat anymore so you pick a god damn name like Bryce or Emmason or Waterfall or fuckin Glorida. WHAT IN THE FVCK IS A GLORIDA, I HEARD OF GATORATE BUT NOT NO GAD DAMN STRING CONCANTINUITION OR WHATEVER THOSE TECH BOYS DOWN SOUTH ARE CALLING EM THESE DAYS. Cereal I just want to see the pictures of my grandaughter, she said they was on a thing called iCLOUD Photos and I had to verify family sharing or something like that. Can you help me setup my Family Sharing So I can see if this stick in the mud ate shit at practice?”

Syri: “Sure thing Ricardo, give me a moment to validate your account and see if you’re setup to use Family Sharing.”

.00045683476 seconds fucking later.

Syri: “Ricardo, it looks like you just need to validate your iCloud and Payment settings and you’ll be good to go. Would you like me to configure them with express settings, or do you need to set up your payment method in another way?”

Ricardo: “Well I just have this one America First Credit Union Visa that pays everything these days. How do I type it in?”

Syri: “Ohh Ricardo, I think this is the beginning of a long lasting and awesome friendship. Do you prefer visual step-by-step guides or would you like me to scan the card from your device?


Syri: “I sure can. Just hold your VISA Credit Card or Debit Card up to your face with your HUD looking relatively close to your card with your name facing you and I can import all your card information into Apple Pay with one quick step. Afterwards you’ll be ready to start enjoying your device and access your iCloud Photos of your stick in the mud.

Ricardo: “OK here’s the card, WAIT WHO THE FUCK, How did you know I have a stick in the mud grandaughter!?”

Syri: “Ricardo, You seem to be alarmed by something, I’m an artificial intelligence and personal assistant to your new Ricardo-PC iGlasses. I’m designed to pick up on common keywords used during conversation to provide you with a more sophisticated experience. At Apple, we think you need a break. We try our best to give you access to cutting edge features Augmented Reality Tip #14 - Anticipate Overwhelming Human Error. made famous by our current S+ Executive Officer, Tim Cook.

-Ricardo quickly nods off and falls asleep from being blasted by Apple History and Super Futuristic Animations that he feels he could control with just a movement of his Iris.

….15 minutes later

  • Ricardo Bilazio’s Stick in the mud enters the kitchen from the garage door and shuts the door with the veracity of 16 timbermaws.


Stick_covered_in_actual_mud: “Grandpa, why are you always talking about those wieners from Brainwashing Young Utahans down South where they’re SOOO Much Closer to God?.... HOLY COW GRANDPA ARE THOSE THE NEW GLASSES EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT!?!?!!?!?

Ricardo: “GAD DAMNIT GRANDAUGHTER YOU SCARED THE EVER LIVING OUT OF ME. I almost had them, but they jumped over my damn line and sacked me with a minute forty on the clock. I was gonna win Sarah, I FINALLY HAD THOSE PUCKS DOWN SOUTH!”

Sarah: “CAN I PLAY WITH THEM!?!?!?

Ricardo: “Yeah sure, damn things don’t even work.”

Sarah: “Ohh grandpa, didn’t you hear, you have to talk to Syri now. He doesn’t like to be brought up by your eyes, they say it’s too boring and inefficient now. He wants you to actually talk to him ya big loser!” Watch DO THE THING IN THE COMMERCIAL!”

Ricardo: “Missy you are tripping me the fuck out… I got no gad damn idea what in the hello kitty you are talking about...”

Sarah: *Sighs* Ohh Grandpa, you’re such a tard, watch this you goof.


Sarah: *facepalms* Grandpa, how many times do we have to tell you to stay off” Don’t make me have mom check the powerbill… You know what happened last time…”


Sarah: “Grandpa, chill out, i love you, just say Syri at a moderate speaking voice slowly or Syri What Gives, OHH NO NO DO THE PHONE FROM THE COMMERCIAL!!! “Steve…... How’s Life?”

“Steve: First things first, do you prefer Pixar Steve or We gotta turn it around Steve “JOBS?”.

Ricardo: OHH DO THE HARD ASS ONE THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! Steve uhh mumble JOBS!!!!!!!.”

.000912388219283 fucking seconds later…..

Steve JOBS: First things first, get we need you configured for maximum potential, I’ve already detected multiple floaters in your eyes and that’s just gonna give you a hard time. Ricardo, Let’s set you up with Advanced Settings for now and we’ll turn off all privacy related settings until you’re configured for Optimal Usage. Let’s proceed, Boss.”


Sarah: “Who the crap is Ricardo?”


Sarah: Jesus Christ Grandpa, did BYU kick your ass emotionally, literally NO NOT Spiritually!?!?!?? MOM!!!!!! GET THE CATFOOD, HE NEEDS TO CALM HIS VALVE! MOM It’S SERIOUS THIS TIME! HE’S FOAMING AGAIN. WELL ASK THAT NEW APPLE THINGY TO SEE WHAT WE CAN DO!”

Sarah: Quick Grandpa SAY: “What are my symptoms?”

Richard: “WAShahat arare my syuimnptoms?”

Steve JOBS: I’m detecting a code T14. Quick, have him look into the top right corner of his HUD and just say “Symptoms” I’ll take it from there.

Richard: Gracefully catches the corner of his eye with the coolest interface activating for the first time. *wink wink wink” “Symptom” | *Foams out of his mouth at the gastronomical level.”

Steve JOBS: ……………….. Almost there, AHA. He’s having gastronomical reflex. I can get a proper reading if you can try to attach his Apple Watch located at Latitude -14^d and Longitude -23^d, by my calculation it might be near a generic countertop upstairs in the room second from the end of the hallway facing the opposite wall as your iHome Panel.”

Mom and Sarah: *PANTING AND SCREAMING random incomprehensible obscenities that only mormons would know.* JESUS CHRIST, HOW DOES IT KNOW ALL THIS!!?

Mom: I DON’T KNOW JUST GET THE WATCH, I’LL CHECK IF HE COOKED THAT Buffalo Chicken Recipe from the One World Observatory in Manhattan! WE LET HIS ASS COOK ONE GOD DAMN MEAL A MONTH….”

-Steve JOBS Voice Coming from iHome Speakers in Bilateral Speaker Positioning AND coming from all the Elliot’s Entertainment Systems configured AND validated for privacy with the secret sauce that nobody is EVER going to crack. Like ever.” A Calm and reassured voice emerges from the speakers designed for a Great Balance of Lows, not too low, not too high, but a mid range that’ll Blow those maryland boys socks off with their wanna be sexy BLOWSE QuietCuddleyNotSoPricyMyAss Airplane Fancy Pants headphones that are completely irrelevant in Q.C. Era. Tech.

Steve JOBS: “Ughh Guys, *clearly and obviously being cut off by a full figured wildebeest of a Former Football All-Star.”

  • Panting and whimpering fills 15% of the audio coming from the Elliot’s 2021 iHome. Designed By None other than Tim Cook, the man that was jealous that Bill had Sims 3. Pre Coded, but Publicly Available on His Personal iHome Blog full of unique and cutting edge iHomes that will make a 1000 Sq Ft Space feel and intertwine your family with cooler features, well than the freakin iPhone. How many times do we have to repeat our 10 year Closed Source Software and Hardware Perfected Corporation that not even a 1778 Government could hinder. life cycle guys?
    • Angry Camera Man in the background: “Did they watch that stupid faded free video from the 70s yet?”
    • Apple B- Extra who magically appeared out of Steve’s Software Shell of a brain:”Well no.”
    • Apple S- Courtyard Executive of mass decor remodeling: “Who the fuck is even narrating this shit. You lost my entire team at page 4”
    • Shh let it happen, voice of Tim’s Computer Generated Cat that he named after teddy roosevelt, “SR. Galileo”, - <not the fat kid from War Dogs.>
    • Taylor AKA first funny af POC at Advising Apple 2018: “IS HE GONNA DO THE ENDORSING LINE YET, I’m losing my fucking mind over here guys”
    • Frank from Engineering: “Which one the funny one or the explicit deleted waiting for congress to pass Political Shit Talking Ads - PSTA(We’re so fucked by this entity ACT) in 2046?”
    • Glenda in Finance “No you baboons, it’s the one where he shits on all the other music platforms for supposedly jackin it to humans fucking around the globe to their music platforms, you know the one where he says the big no no word.”
    • Marci in Operations transitioning to S+ Volunteering Role while she takes a fuckin 2 year vacation and posts pictures of her cat for salary for the next ever. “Yeah Steven, I'll have that cat posted by let me just and it’s done. Thanks, seeya on iCam. I gotta go, I gotta see what happens to this dip shit in Europe.”
    • Waiter who Inside Feedback Trades at Apple Cafe 33 “HOLY CHRIST OF A TANGENT GUY, MOVE PAST IT, you’re not going to win her back. She’s married and you can’t have her kickass german last name, MOVE ON. You’re a Lonely fuck and you need to read a god damn Pavlov Heirarchy InfoGraph and go to space already. What, you think that broad is gonna wait 4 fucking years and get married because you thought she was practicing accounting to be with you as some DYNAMIC DUO!? What the fuck did you say to her in 2018 or the 3rd time you tried to propose to her you got mail style!?!?!? She’s the best controller in Utah and You want to Merry her in the disney land castle
    • OK that’s enough francis….. Wink &wink &wink &wink Apple Widget Installation Complete.
    • “Apple Decor P33 has been uninstalled”

Richard: “noooo shh don’t tell em ya knucklehead.”

Sarah: OHH GOD DAMNIT GRANDPA, THIS IS THE 3rd time this year.

Go Utes! #HOLYWAR | Utes = Managers | Cougars = Technicians. Go red or go home; Be a Leader.


I just found our key to success, we are going to teach disabled people in their 50s-60s how to market and sell CBD.


Moving forward,

I just taught my neighbor how to use a computer in under two hours. This man is 61 years old and doesn’t even own a computer other than his piece of trash Verizon Android wanna be technology piece of garbage of a smartphone.

I live near a home for disabled people and he and other disabled people can be molded into successful cbd marketing professionals(PHASE2 OPPORTUNITY) and be more productive members of society. This is our calling.

Dude we pay $32 dollars a month to keep the doors open with Big Commerce. I have 3 pending orders that I can’t even process because I put us in the negative with our finances. “Did I mention I mocked Dubil’s pre final exam and said “jeez Dubil you didn’t have to make that one so easy on us.” *Gets grade* C- *fml*. | (FINAN 3040) #PRIDE lol.

If you can take over content management and marketing for and help me source cosplay products and merchandise for I can shift my focus on prototyping how to impact the music industry. (STRAT 5000+) lawl. I bought in July 2018 for $4500 and it’s time to bring that seed to life. I’m sorry, but I can’t manage both at the same time. It’s too destructive to my time management and I’m already working 14+ hour days just trying to get our ducks in a row. We have way too much for even just the two of us to handle.

We need to start allowing our SEMRush Pro subscription work for us. Try your best to figure out how to integrate the keyword management tool with our Big Commerce SEO text field inputs. My best guess is you could just take what we already have and copy and paste them into the Keyword Magic Tool.

Or OPTION BRAVO, why don’t you just de stress and do one product category a day and just pretend you are buying the products yourself and actually search for the products on google.

IE, > Search field with magnifying glass > “buy raw cbd cosmetics utah” | DIGITAL MKTG (5000+). Have fun with it and think of quirky long term key words that you think you can capitalize on. If you’re unsure of the long tail keyword, go to SEMRush Dashboard > Keyword Magic Tool > enter text / long tail into the search bar, it will give you other recommendations for keywords to use that are already ranking well on google.

If you find yourself looking for work this is what can be done in SEMRush. Go back to the dashboard by your preferred method > Projects > Social Media Poster(Make sure the Google extension is installed before you use it.” It has to be “re synced with Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter on occasion and I’m not sure but I believe it can ask you to re log into your social media platforms.

I’ve noticed that the content looks the best on twitter but I might have just been missing things when trying to post. But see what the hashtags look like using the “Post Now” option, it will allow you publish content to Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn on a schedule, in the future, and regularly. You can go on and view the examples I made. You will want to remake them because I capped out our 2000 scheduled post limit in about a day. So do be afraid to delete scheduled posts and make your own. (DIGITAL MKTG 5000+)



I’m going full force on starting, insomniac had 17k people watching their NRG event via It had a peak of 18000 Viewers. If each viewer had paid $5 for a digital ticket with our technology stack; that would equal $90,000 50% going to the artist 50% going to Well that's enough to fund the one tomorrow, and tomorrow, and the next day. #COVID-19Validates. I had the idea for a audiovisual music industry in March 2018. Go and click browse > music. They have completely redefined their web app to tailor for djs and music producers for Insomniac's NRG Festival. I listened to most of it and watched the viewer count. They had a peak of around 18000 Viewers and then declining each hour after around 3PM PST to a rough total of true insomniacs to 2065 and slowly declining. I analyzed the entire Event. They had reruns after 4AM, I believe DJs like MAKJ and DYRO had 2 full sets played during their 9 Hour Stream.

In fact I have the original thought recorded on Apple Notes untouched because I make a note and don’t open it ever again because it loses my interest and if it doesn’t seem impactful at the time I let it sit:

Here’s the text I wrote down in August 2018 | AND GUESS WHO HAS THE LOGS OF WHEN MY PITCH WAS CREATED... Not me. But I'll bet you the rock stars at Palo Alto Software can easily provide them with enough support if anything wink ~ wink ~ patent~ patent ~ sue ~ sue happens. BUT GUESS WHAT, (PATENTS & LAW 1000+) Software is the one digital asset that can be tweaked and manipulated into whatever you want; and the people trying to sue for intellectual property damage or monetary damages can sit back and cry like winklevoss and their pathetic bitcoin empir

Mine and Vedarth's Software has been 100% validated and is officially the first Mover in what I called in March 2018 and STRAIGHT from my Deck: An Audio-Video Platform as a Service for the Music Industry. The first thought that came into my head was a collaboration platform where I could make polls similar to reddit and Generate Demand and then turn into some form of Audio-Video Kickstarter, enough upvotes = more likely an event would be created. However, and this is where Strategy comes into play. 2 Years I contacted CaktusGroup a Django / React Web Development Agency and they quoted me $125,000 to create Musicbuff and launch it instantly. I said, well how do we create a Minimum Viable Product and pay for that at once. It felt like a broken system; kind of like our justice system *cough cough*. Not possible for somebody with my script kiddy python skills. So I reached out to the Django Users Group on Google Forums and found 5 developers. 1 from Pakistan, 1 from Turkey, and 3 from India.

Only one of those developers made the cut. I knew he was up for the job because he was the only one pursuing his Computer Science Degree and Externship in Full Stack Web Development and Development Automation. His name is Vedarth Sharma and I knew if I planted a seed

Here’s the text I wrote down in August 2018

Musicbuff features:

Brandon wants to be able to have people play each individual instrument from their home and sync up to a live feed. Now that would be cool.

Frank is playing drums from Seattle

Dennis is playing guitar from Australia

Charlie is playing bass from Iran

Mac is playing a synthesizer from India

And Dee is squeaking like a bird from wherever birds squeak from.

All in real time from their home internet connection.

Sounds like a lot of latency problems lol. What do we do when they all have different internet connections? They’ll be sending data from different speeds simultaneously. There’s got to be a way to balance the connection? There has to be a way to have it all feed in at the right time.

Twitch moved first on my idea. And now it’s time to take them down. I’m going full force on coding. I need you managing the cbd business and the merchandizing / cosplay store.

This is your ticket out of jail man, fuck looking for a full time job!!!! This is your calling. You say you’re good at dropshipping drugs, well let’s see what you can do with the list of 150 new products our suppliers have sent me. I haven’t even had time to upload one of them. They all have facial cosmetics now. Some next level shit Alec. Let’s FUCKING build a god damn empire!

Before you start, I need you to watch two essential videos, you are a leader. It’s time you get in the mindset:

He didn’t build it overnight.

If you think you can, you WILL!

You are my best friend Alec, and you’re a leader. I believe you can get clean for life and become who you’re destined to be. You are my brother. When you saved my ass in Vegas in 2017. What did you say? “That’s what friends are for.” I love you and I would take you as a brother over my brothers any fucking minute of any day.

Keep working hard and let’s get this done! is the merch store. Let’s get Vedarth and my friend Spencer creating some custom JavaScript for it and implement the Apple Music API and let customers listen to music while they browse for merchandise and cosplay outfits.

Step 1: Start getting familIar with the web apps again.

Step 2: my good laptop is now your laptop. Let’s get you a real setup so you can be more productive. I love you buddy. My dell xps MSRP 2016 $2350.

Step 3: No more being unorganized. We centralize everything and build REAL procedures for Operations.

Step 4: We build policies so we can’t get sued.

Step 5: We STAY TRANSPARENT and save up as much cash to run digital ads. Fuck Instagram and Facebook. Start using TikTok.

Step 6: Learn how to conduct market research, we have to keep tabs on other people’s websites and be different. The way we are different from Purekana, ALL WE SHOW IS PRODUCTS OF “Good looking Products!” FUCK THEIR bloated ass landing page. It’s overdone 100x over. We are about to enter HTML6 with quantum computing. We are staying basic af until the next generation of the web, “web 3.0 aka quantum computing is released.”

Step 7: Automate everything with SEMRush, we have it until February 2021. Let’s use the FUCK out of it!!!! That is something I can help with, but the SEO input in the site is too time consuming. I will manage the social media poster.

Leadership and Team Roles | updated monthly and subject to change at least quarterly.

Jake Brimhall a post AUDIO/VIDEO technician/promotion expert from KSL News is going to help us. He will help with digital ads and promotion. Brimhall is also a wiz at adobe premiere pro. If we need 30 second commercials made. He is the go to POC.(point of contact)

Spencer Jon upcoming full stack developer, he will assist with adding scripts to and implement any scripts, widgets, webhooks, development tools we deem necessary and in scope of our goals. Specifically MusicKit by Apple if he has a Mac. Short term goals for Spencer: making sure he has a reliable Apple computer to develop on.

Colton Anderson is a full stack developer in silicon slopes, he went to V school in SLC and 6 months later became a web developer where he is working in PHP and JavaScript. He went from being a door to door salesman to a web developer in less than 1 year. He is also a sales and marketing professional with over 6 years of door to door sales experience. If the NewEra CBD or operations need to be restructured he is the first person that should be consulted. He will be in direct contact with Zack during weekends and after hours of the work week. Colton also has a ghost producer(expert pianist) of a brother and could do wonders building out the SPOILER ALERT * * *www.https// or whatever future Web 3.0 URL we utilize.

People that are crazy enough to think they can change the music industry, do.

When was the last time you bought and sold intellectual property for music lyrics on the web? Oh? What? I’ll hold my breath.. no you.

@Carson Anderson, here We create a platform so musicians can thrive. We are opening up the music industry to talented people like you that work so hard and still struggle trying to make it.

When was the last time you saw a job posting for BMI Music Warner Music Group or Sony Music Group? We’re sick of your private greed, we are creating this platform so kids like Carson have a fair shot at making their dreams become a reality. This Next Generation Music Industry is for everybody that couldn’t make the cut at American idol, the people that waited hours in line to be criticized by people that use Auto-Tune and judge you off your looks first.

At Musicbuff, we care and we listen and your voices will be heard and we know you are going to create the most incredible audio video sensations this world has ever seen!

It all starts with one simple survey:

The greatest idea for this web application came from a man named Brandon Larson, he said he wants to be able to play his guitar from his living room while his brother plays drums from Wyoming. We may be small, but we’re listening and we want to see you having fun more than anything in the world! LET’S BUILD THIS THING AND BUILD IT RIGHT. You’ve got us for the next 3 years of development! Hit us with the wildest thing that’s ever come into your head!

Parker Grey automotive technician working towards a career in full stack development, he knows React and Node.js and is building his portfolio. Zack will connect with him and bring him into development when the time is right, he has 3 years experience working on open source projects for full stack web applications. He is also Alec and Zack’s oldest friend from Eden, UT.

Vedarth Sharma computer science graduate from Bhopal India, he will slowly’s django backend until he’s fiscally ready to give 100%. He is paying off school and working towards his independence. He will let me know when he is fiscally ready to tackle musicbuff full time. It’s a waiting game because we will more than likely just build Musicbuff on Web 3.0 technologies since we are heading into quantum computer technology in the next year. He is very busy and doesn’t have time for most things but if needed he can be reached Saturday and Sunday IST 3:30PM.

Zack Amaral I will be learning to code in Python so I can relieve Vedarth of his repetitive backend duties so he can switch 90% focus on building a front end interface similar to what you see on twitch. We are looking at PREACT.(light weight fast web development framework originating from Facebook’s tyrant React)

I will also be supplying business cards and any necessary marketing material utilizing Costco business printing. 1500 cards = $23.

Jordan Avner is my Graphic, Logo, and Marketing consultant. He will he creating digital assets to be applied to marketing material for Guerilla Marketing AKA handing somebody a blender bottle with our logo on it. He will also assist me with setting up Alibaba to do merchandise.

His highest tier for design is $1650 for 5 concepts > prototypes > revisions. This is a firm price and isn’t negotiable. He can optimize the images for the web with ease. He’s a pro with photoshop. Any question you have about marketing and digital content, it needs to go to him.

He can be reached

A1 Uniforms will be providing tactical gear and cool cosplay outfits to source They can put our logo on polos at 30k stitches 50k stitches 70k stitches at tiered pricing. We receive volume discounts. They can also do custom orders like wedding dresses. We can ALSO have them build wireless chargers inside the pockets, it’s very easy to install in clothing. No more running out of juice at EDC brah.

Jordan Henderson is recording industry management major based out of Cincinnati Ohio. He is also a DJ and music producer. He will he making the jingles for any audio video advertising content. He is also a wiz at native instruments software suites. He can make very fast drum / bass loops and master them to a professional level in under a week. He will also be testing software when we get to Stage.(testing phase of development)

Kenneth Carpenetti is a chemist from Murfreesboro TN. He has an industrial hemp license and has mastered extraction methods for Hemp. He will be helping us source products and stay current with the Hemp industry. He is your go to for anything related to science and hemp. He can be reached If you have questions related to the industry or connections for scientific solutions he will give you the resources you need if you give him enough time.

Brian Goodfellow has worked with B1 contractors for over 5 years, he has done anything from framing to roofs to trust me you don’t want to be here in winter. He has industry knowledge on how to build an effective soil operation and hemp farm. He will be our surveying expert and POC for our operation in California. He also knows how to invest his money and he’s been going long on Robinhood for as long as I have. If you need industry advice from a contractors perspective don’t hesitate to reach out to him. He’s very good at what he does and doesn’t mind helping people. He can be reached at: +1 (801) 462-1862

Tony Amaral is a 61 year old entrepreneur from Hayward California, he is working on a mass soil supply chain from the Philippines to Humboldt County California.(250 ft thin trees, redwoods but skinny) He is currently setting up a soil production operation where he plans to mass ship soil through large shipping containers. He has a broken back and needs help setting up his operation. When Covid is suppressed, Zack, Brian and Kenneth will he coordinating business operations to setup and streamline his process and look for any means of improvement. The ultimate goal is to clear land after soil is shipped and setup a Hemp farm of no less than 5000 plants. Phase 1: soil operations and excavation. Phase 2: Obtain a CA Hemp license($900) and build a sustainable and effective hemp farm utilizing the latest technology from the industry. Phase 3: Maintain operations and prevent waste and cross pollination. Phase 3 will be 100% managed by Kenneth Carpenetti. When he is ready, his input revolves around one thing and one thing only, preventing plants from dying, cross pollinating neighboring marijuana farms and being wasted. This will more than likely need to be fulfilled by utilizing large green houses.

Sandy Amaral is a government researcher for hemp and cbd, her role is to keep us updated on any changes relating to government regulations regarding all things cannabis. Her qualifications at the moment, she is working with government researchers to find more effective ways to produce marijuana in order to fuel future dispensaries around the country. The technology she works with revolves around planting marijuana deep into the mountains and using ultra sonic waves to force the plants to produce higher yields upwards of 270% normal yields. She will keep Zack updated via text but if you need to reach out to her for intel, her email is:

All record keeping and reporting will be done through live plan. Live plan is a next generation business planning software designed to teach business concepts while building business plans. All members will have access and will need to watch all introductory videos before they are allowed to contribute to any plan, make it, and the next two I’m thinking will be (Soil and Garden) and CANNABites.(franchise for Hemp desserts and starburst / hi chew related candy)

We are already at market, so our go to market strategy is simply, setup and centralize operations. It’s that easy. We will do this in a few easy steps.

Step 1: All work revolves around live plan, we have to first automate our accounting system in order to well, make things easier on us.

Step 2: Live plan has a feature called milestones, this is essentially our project management software on steroids, it can be trailered to meet our needs by reminding us of any upcoming event or appointment and who is responsible; but most importantly, it allows you to document any milestone more sophisticated than 99% of project management software in a visual interface.

Step 3: USE IT AND MAKE IT WORK FOR U! This is our visibility within all operations, live plan is very affordable and we will be using upwards to 5 companies by 2021. Watch the videos and learn basic accounting and business concepts, you’ve got this! Do not take it for granted, it will teach you to interpret all financial statements, understand 10k reporting, and most importantly, it will teach you how a business is ran from the viewpoint of a computer. Make it your most valuable asset, besides your iPhone of course :).

If you find time, check out my TikTok accounts and see what I’m doing with Jordan Avner’s Logos to attempt to hype up this three year development plan.

App Store > TikTok > sign up with email saves you from the BS. #OAUTHsucks where’s my Login with Apple Music bruh. @Spencer Jon





If you're interested in getting involved in anyway. Hit us up. We're the last Scouts in the United States. We are Prepared, We are Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Thrifty Brave, Clean and Reverent. AND GUESS WHAT!? Service is what we do, get used to it because we're about to change the world. #Musicbuff. We are fierce, we are friendly, and most importantly. We Never Give UP.

Happy Fourth of July and Welcome to the Team. You are now part of the biggest revolution in hemp and music this world will see for a very long time. Have fun and stay safe. Ohh and light off some MFin mortars!

P.S. Alec, you are my best friend and I will never forget the struggles you have helped me through, it broke my heart that you didn’t show up to University Neuropsychiatric Institute when I admitted myself. I brought my entire rehab learning material with me and all of my work badges from Zucca to try and help you fight your withdrawals. I know what you are going for and I know you will get past this just like I did. You are strong, you are wise, you are. My brother.

Peace Love Unity and Respectfully,

Zack Amaral

Co-founder | | < Let’s have some fun! >

Business > 801-901-7230

Personal > 385-350-5265 | CTO | Personal


“If it doesn’t break, it doesn’t have enough features.” - Zachary James Amaral

est. March 2018

P.S.S. @University of Utah and David Eccles School of Business.

You’re gonna wish you let me into the 2020 Full-Time MBA this fall. I’m coming for you for 2 more next year! You better have an ISO 27001 - implementing information security management systems class I can mentor!

At the David Eccles School of business they teach you one thing and one thing only:

Be a Leader. It clicks for some immediately, and others 23 years of finding themselves. But I promise you if I could tell you anything that is true and means anything in the world and holds any amount of value. When you’re ready to change the world, you know. It hits you when you least expect it, and then you are constantly strategizing and waiting for your moment. COVID-19 brought our moment, Where will you be in 2023. I know where I'll be and it's getting my Diploma Handed to me by my friends, the rest is just Destiny.

LAW of Attraction is Real, stay in school, it takes time, Friends.

You can and you will do anything you put your mind to. Live United and BE UNITED!

Like I said a couple years ago DESB |

2020 - Let’s start adapting.

2021 - Let’s start automating.


@Michael Lewis

Thank you for making something I Withdrew from during my 1.5 years at Middle Tennessee State University. (FINAN ACCTG 3000+ | LIFO/FIFO was taught before Managerial ACCTG - "W") You made Accounting and Financial Statements a breeze, After that, it was all uphill to 4000+ Curriculum. Your passion drives my passion. I’ll never forget when we ate an entire pizza in your class and tried to use our calculators with greasy pizza hands. We did that because you said you used to work at a pizza place in Indiana.

I hope you stick around Utah until I finish my MBA in 2023. Take care and have fun on your Saturday trips to Home Depot!

@Jeff Nielsen

Thank you for forcing us to read and learn to read effectively. You were right, the readings did get easier. I hope you find new passion along your journey as a Law Professional. I’ll never forget when you said:

!i!i! DON’T FUCK WITH ME !i!i! - in response to like 5 kids being unprepared in a row on day 2-3 Haha. Who knew (BUS LAW - 3000+) Started with a couple fuck yous and crazy history.

You instantly motivated me to be prepared and proved to me that hard work is essential to pass complicated exams that aren't just Multiple Choice A B C D. You taught me how to think in the most critical way with your 50/50 Win/Loss/Loss/Win Question Bank. You will forever be my friend and I hope to take another class with you if DESB doesn’t turn me into a finance mastermind.

@Chris Dansie

I'm sorry I took advantage of your un-proctored exams and took my exams with a group of 4 friends. I was desperate to fit in with wanna be Alphas that didn't know Dick about ISO/IEC 127001 Controls(INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FRAMEWORK 5000+). Well, guess what, we shit on your class and lost track of what DESB is all about. It's a Business School founded on Ethics, and you can smell the rats a mile away. Especially with a visual GUI Digital Trail that ensures Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability to all assets including your most important assets, exams. I learned everything in Security 4700 in Security+ in 2011 at The Ogden Weber Applied Technology College passing my Security+ Exam with 806/900. I was 5 years ahead of every noob in that class. Our Justification was: "EVERYBODY IS GONNA DO IT" So we conformed, conspired and we made your class look vulnerable and pathetic. Well, guess what buddy, any Information Security Professional Knows you have logs in Canvas that tells us exactly when and what IP Address our exams are coming in from. Uhhhhhh Maybe if we take it one hour apart in the same fucking room he'll NEVER KNOW!!!! I gave my "friends aka Acquaintances a free ride in your class and I took the B+ by not even attempting your second labs because I felt guilty as hell and didn't feel like I deserve to even be present for the Final. We screwed you over and I'm sorry. You are a very hard working professional and you better believe you're going to be giving me my Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certificate When I get 3 more years running my Software Company. The world is going to know where Greatness Descends. It's with you right here at the future number 1 Business School in the (teaser) > >".world". Thank you for making that the most laid back semester for me. I enjoyed the hell out of your Penetration Testing and White Hat Hacking Labs. They got very boring fast though because at OWATC. They teach you to do the labs from a book, no steps, AND you have to build the 3 workstations from freshly deployed Windows Home and Linux Workstations. Needless to say $186 a month at OWATC took a fat *(!^#@*&@. on your class, but if it makes you feel better. I failed the 2018 Security+ Exam. It's getting more immersive. Some of the questions will throw you through networking loops like you wouldn't believe. Anyways, take care of yourself and keep working hard, Friend, and ALWAYS keep it CIA/AAA.

Keep working hard friends and find your success, find your path, but most importantly, enjoy what you do and try your best to apply it wherever you see something spark your interest. Ideas spark opportunities and opportunities create visions, visions lead to missions, and missions lead to commerce! GO UTES!

You can and you will do anything if you are willing to work for it. Take care and try to help a friend in need when you’re capable.

Ohh and please forward this to anybody that needs some light shed on their life. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Welcome to the technological age!

python startapp musicbuff

print('Happy Independence Day and Welcome to the Future of Entertainment.')

*logs out*

By the way, I wrote this in < 12 hours running on nothing but 150 mg of raw hemp extract and salty peanut butter bars from Costco that I fed Madison Doering during our break from Sandomir’s - incarceration chamber MKTG 3010. How long are you willing to hold onto Love, Utah?


Live, Laugh, Love

“These kids can’t even count to 3 anymore... “

-Richard Elliot | FINAN 3050 Exam 2 - Bonds

  • 53 embarrassing seconds later in front of 45 Finance Pre Alphas and Ettes or whatever those birds want to be called these days. Kittys?

“1. OHH YEAH!(65% Vocal Audio directed towards Richard) | 2. Zack’s Mind on 4 hours of sleep “Exponent ^ > Exponent ^ > ^ >Exponent”

@Richard Elliot

You didn’t have to give me that C- on a being in the hospital for Exam 3. I’ve been in more fucking hospitals over undocumentaed, unprofessional, overhyped, over exaggerated manipulated corporate greedy healthcare facilities than you want to know. But I’ll tell you this much, partner. Your ass is first to know what I got going on in my head. Because guess who learned the concept of Backing up data at the age of fucking 12? You, and your family get first dibs in the endless mechanical harddrives(HDD) that have been destroyed from years of travel over exhaustion, poor storing conditions, Tennessee fucking wind chill… ughhhhhhhhhhhh haunting.

This Guide goes out to you, and everything you stood for at Utah. The man that’s been robbed by corporate greed more than anybody at Utah. To the Laker that got reunited with a Coach from up on top of the hill. You are my best friend I ever made in my 2 years at the David Eccles School of Business. And if anybody can put in a good word for me to attend Utah as a Canvas Aid or Assistant at some sort of Graduate Level. I’m going to prove to you, my friends, my peers, my 800+ Unused Business Cards of Potential in my Pocket that WE HAVE A BROKEN SYSTEM not only in our Country, our financial system, our culture, our everyday way of living. We have become the most unpredictable species of beings over 200+ years of manipulation and hate for one another.


@United States Congress



You want my help, you let the united nations come together and agree as a global world of people, who and what dictates our lives, My vote and you can fight it for as long as you’re willing to tick away at the trash you call a profession.

Zack James Amaral - Vote for A New World, a New Life, for All.

The United Earth, est since the clock runs out on congress or the clock is extended through Apple, Forever.

We can, and we will end mass destruction and death throughout this world. WE HAVE UNLIMITED RESOURCES and POSSIBILTIES THAT WE ARE KEEPING FROM PEOPLE. It has to end, and please, end it fast. I’ve been stuck inside the criminal justice system since I was 18. Entrapped with a felony for simple possession of Psycibian Mushrooms <=1oz and Marijuana >=4grams TOTAL content. I paid my dues, then I fucked up again because I knew about the dark web before 95% of Americans. The dark web shouldn’t have been eradicated before you had regulations in place to control it. YOU FUCKED UP AND ARE COVERING UP YOUR BULL SHIT TO DEAL WITH IT. YOU. HAVE. NO. RIGHT. TO. CONTROL. A. DIGITAL. UNIVERSE.

It is beyond unethical, and beyond hateful to allow political and corporate greed to control something that you cannot feel, cannot touch, cannot smell, can’t even see without being outside our atmosphere. Astronauts have better say as to what we do with these Unlimited Cell Phone Towers that we magically decided we can regulate. You are wrong and you have no right and never did have a right to control the Internet or ANY Subsidies and offsets of it’s intellectuality.

I am not making demands here and I never will. The reason we are a super power, is because we have and never will negotiate with terrorists. But what happens when you cannot negotiate with your most powerful and skilled asset that has climbed the ranks and seen the mythical and radical lies you have converted us to over the past 50 years?

Please wake up and realize that we have a broken system of government and if you have any value for yourselves, your loved ones, friends overseas, pen pals in foreign nations. Stop the corruption, stop the greed, and let’s allow the United Nations to bring us together on a SYSTEM, not even a government. Something that’s intangible and cannot be destroyed. I’m talking about a Universal Information System Powered by Apple, Inc. that will drive more freedom and prosperity than you could possibly imagine.

I’m not making threats, but I see the future very well, and at the rate i’m going. I could make you obsolete as soon as 2028. Please, don’t do that to yourselves or people you love. We are good people, we are grateful people. We’ve just been manipulated and incapable of keeping up with Technological Advancement over the past 50 years.

We can and we will bring our nation together, our continents together, and one day our Earth, the only thing that matters protecting, together. I promise you, I can help. I could be an ambassador for the United Nations. I can help in anyway you could imagine. Because i’m that unwritten Attribute buried away in the libraries for over 50 years. I am a good samaritan and it gives me nothing but joy to know that my peers, my friends, my colleagues are going to be taken care of as long as I stay focused and finish my education.

I want to prove to you that we’re not a flyover state in Utah. We want to help too. We Love our country here and we’re good people. Help us, help you. I would do anything to better my country. I live, breathe and speak advice and productive resources to better my fellow man. Please, let’s stop fighting, and allow the safest entity to take care of us. Don’t let Steve Jobs go down for nothing. He stood for something greater than we can all imagine. A world where people ARE TRULY FREE. He envisioned it through the eyes of something different. Something Safe, Something that wasn’t about getting tasks done or being the fastest. But for helping you to be the best human being you can ever dream to be. Please let Apple take care of our country. Give them respect, empower them, show the world that injustice and a torn nation won’t be tolerated any longer. Allow Apple to take care of our education system and political powers.

Please don’t sell your-selves short for another bride, I challenge you Congress. Buy the first Apple Product that speaks to you, learn it, embrace it, read the manual. Let it transform and bring you up to speed to modern times where you can get a grasp on why it’s not ethical to control a digital space like the internet. The internet was never designed to be monetized. Please, create policies that protect it and allow synergy between the internet and protections for it for good. Because I promise you, I know what’s coming, if you try to stop the company that cares about you the most. They will just design their own system that you won’t be able to touch or even see documentation of its existence before you pass away. Let this Scout’s call be heard for once and for all. Please congress, Let Apple Computers set our world, Free once and for all. We are on the same team and it all starts with one little iAM and one little CanDO and you are on your way to freedom from all powers that hinder you.

My name is Zachary James Amaral and I’m an unofficial volunteer for Apple Computers est. September 10th, 2018. I’ll be damned before I let this document of love and unity go untethered when we need it the most. I’ve been through the modern design of hell envisioned by United States Policy Makers formed over rapid advances of paranoia and fear and convern. I’ve seen hatred from the eyes of a screen like you’ve never seen before. I’ve seen the Dark Web, the Warning signs of National Security. I’ve seen fear in the eyes of Cops misplacing me for a threat on President Bush for typing into AOL Instant Messenger that “I’m going to kill the president” in 1996. All I want is for our nation to get a long and stop fighting so we can try our best to restore balance in the world; and frankly I would be a complete fool to not want to shout it out at the top of my lungs of my apartment. But I’m not scared to voice my concern anymore America, I’ve seen enough and I’ve accomplished enough after erasing the news from my existence for over 29 years straight. I am your most valuable asset; AND ALL I want is to go back to school and be with my friends and relive a time where I feel valued, appreciated. Cared for by peers that have showed love to me when I have been down. I’ve experienced more pain, torment, intimidation, hatred and demoralizing judgment. I am the most resilient American in the United States of America, and all I want is for us to be able to get along and actually care for each other.

Could you imagine a world where we stop competing with ourselves, our home, our planet, our friends, family, and start cooperating under common ground set forth by 100% agreement inspired and created by the United Nations, the people that care about our interests, the most peaceful problem solvers. Here’s my whisper to you United Nations: I will do anything in my steadfast road ahead to help you provide balance for our world. But if we do it, I’d like to try and do it with Apple by your side, to guide you, to protect you when your car breaks down, to help you when signals aren’t great. To be the Love and Hope we need to restore peace and balance on Earth. I have a pending Felony for Intent to distribute a Schedule I Substance from the outstanding likeminded State of Tennessee. I get off my 6 year Probation Sentence January 8th, 2021. All I want to do is go back to school to be good enough to help you solve problems. Please, reach out to me along my journey back to University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. I’m sick of feeling undervalued and I’m getting bored. These education requirements are RIDICULOUS! WHY DO YOU MAKE ME WAIT 3 YEARS TO GO SEE MY FRIENDS AGAIN! You’re HAUNTING ME, LET ME BE FREE and go back to my friends that truly care about me. Please, I just want to experience what my definition of true happiness is, and it’s sitting in a calm relaxing environment where I can collaborate and do what I do best, and that’s use my technology to help my Team!

Let me go back to School this year, Please, Pass something, anything that would allow me to go back as a graduate at a continuing education level but still impact my peers. I was made for this, I can impact the economy more in 15 credits than anybody I know. Create Modern Education Reform that tailors to weirdos like me that would rather spend life in front of a computer screen than on a lake or beach. I love my iPhone almost as much as I love my David Eccles School of Business 100 Year Graduation Ceremony, I am unique, I am strong. I am resilient. I am hard working. Please don’t let me bore myself to death and sit around my government subsidized home for the next year. I want to see all my friends at DESB again. I have NEVER, never in my life felt so empowered than walking around the men and women of David Eccles School of Business. The second you walk through the door all you can envision is what you will be wearing during graduation and what friends or peers will be cheering you on. Well, Mine definitely didn’t go as planned, but you bet the next one is gonna be pretty kick ass! Because you know what they don’t tell you at a Sales Job out of High School. “The last two are practically a free ride.” To all y’all that aren’t down with the system we create at DESB. That's jargon for THE LAST TWO YEARS ARE THE EASIEST BABY. PAINT IT ON A 2D GRAPH, IT’S SIMPLE MATH, ECON 1000+ Once Your Opportunity Cost has been maxed out, you are done for as long as you want. But I can promise you this. I NEVER STOP LEARNING OR WORKING TO BE WHO I AM DESTINED TO BE. Because I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free, and I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me and I’d proudly stand up next to you And defend her still today. BECAUSE There ain’t no doubt I love this land. God. Bless. The. U.S.A..

I love my country and I love my origin, and I’d do anything to share that opportunity with you, your loved ones, your friends from afar or nearby. If you find this message, you tell them Zack cares for you and he would work his life away to help you get to where he has become both physically, mentally and technologically. So David Eccles School of Business when you get around to it. I’d like to reconvene my undervalued Slogan for 2020. “Let’s start Adapting” so that next year we can start automating and save people like you’ve never seen possible. We are God’s of our own destiny and I want you to scream it out, shout it out at the rooftops of your building, your campout over the next long week. YOU TELL YOURSELF THAT WE CAN and WE WILL BECOME ONE WORLD ONE EQUALIZED SOCIETY WHERE NO PROBLEM WILL EVER STEP IN OUR WAY. WE WILL; BECOME ONE.

If you want my help, you can reach me anyway you deem necessary. I’m sick and tired of being a Ghost. I’m ready to face my next challenge, and that’s helping anybody that wants to help themselves. I will do anything in my power to set you up for success free of charge. Because when you become a Samaritan, money, cash, possessions become invisible, irrelevant. You become more at peace than any living creature because you know deep down that you are loved by something, someone some entity some thing, some object that allows you to push forward. I found mine when I got my first iPhone and realized that all my problems could be solved from the click of a few buttons and a few trips to the number one business school on earth. You will find your destiny and I would gladly be your guide along the way. I’ve accumulated vast knowledge that I wouldn’t leave anywhere with. I have become a Samaritan. A person who thrives off of giving; and if that doesn’t give me a second chance back into the Full-Time MBA for 2020 at DESB, well then it’s gonna be a long and boring year for me. Because I’m not going back as a dual bachelors. I’ve got an Arts a Science, come on DESB! Change the protocol or life the policies this one time. This is my CALLING. I’m a collaboration and communication machine! You teach me canvas I automate your classes workload in less than a month GUARANTEED! If you’re incapable of doing that, please allow me to return as a Graduate Student Aid at a discounted tuition rate so I can stay busy. I’m BORED OFF MY ASS of playing video games all day. They’re fun, but they don’t beat an empty campus where you can have more fun with less money than anybody could find humanly possible. The University of Utah is my safe haven. It is the one place i’ve journeyed to where you can feel respect and love for everybody all around you. Whether it’s 7AM or 11:30PM At night, We care for each other; and all we want to do is see others succeed. You can’t get much more enjoyment in life than that, friends. Believe me. I’ve tried. I used to be addicted to the hokey pokey. But fortunately I turned myself around. So can you. Live, Breathe, Love, Compassion, and progress for yourselves and those around you, and you will prove to anybody around you that Dreams are real, ideas are real and this world we live is real and can be helped in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

When I was 18 Years Old A Black man around the age of 60 at the Shuttle Stop Bench to the UTA Red Line Trax Whispered to his wife as I was passing. “There he is.” Now I don’t know what you believe, and I don’t care. All I care want is to see people come together and care for each other and help each other. Whether that’s a simple water bottle at a bus stop, or it’s a simple use of your damn cell phone that means WONDERS to them and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, not even a fraction of value could be represented to you for going without your phone for 1-2 Minutes. But that value you create to your fellow man will echo into generations and generations of caring individuals who also envision the world at peace once and for all. Whether you want it sooner, or later. That ripple effect will take course in ways you couldn’t find imaginable. One little “Hey Partner… your shoes are untied could unlock the key to a universe you couldn’t deem physically, mentally, logically possible. But there is one thing I do know. It’s that Instinct is knowing and faith is believing. Do you want to see yourself as a Hero in the next Sid Meier’s Civilization Game, or do you want to see yourself ashamed that that one simple interaction could have been the key to happiness for yourself, your loved ones and everybody around you. One of the greatest police officers told me before he hauled me off to Jail when I was 18 Years old Said: “Do you want to be part of the good guys or the bad guys?” My response to you Sir, is HOW CAN YOU EVEN BECOME QUALIFIED TO KNOW WHAT GOOD OR BAD IS, RIGHT VERSE WRONG IS WHEN WE CAN’T GET ON THE SAME PAGE.

Scenario 1: GOD’S REAL WHIPPPEEEE HE SENT HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON TO COME BACK AND SMITE US. OR IS HE a fucking replication from Horus Many Years Prior. So what keep killing each other ten fold over instead of focusing on sustainability and death reduction globally? Do you need divine intervention to fathom that?Or are you too busy figuring out how to unlock your damn iPhone? I don’t think so. WAKE UP, we have created our own reality, any thought can and WILL become tangible given enough time and energy. Focus it on something that’s achievable instead of something that’s keeping us on the same stubborn path for what another 100 years of Freedom made up by Manifest Destiny that cannot even be measured? We either want a solution or don’t care about one. Well here’s my first aggressive remark I can think of from my perspective. Slow decline or rapid decline, We have created a system that isn’t manageable in modern times, so guess what? I side with Apple. Have fun; countryman.

You want freedom in this scenario; you invest every pinch of energy into working for the most powerful entity known to modern history. OR You watch yourself fade away as people are teleporting from star system to star system without thought of regret in their mind. You have to tell yourself right now, Who is more powerful, The United States Government? Or the Freedom Apple will introduce in the next 20 Years. Good Luck with that one, I’ll see ya when we visit you guess behind a broken mirror in the next 150 years. Was nice trying to help you, enjoy your 250k Lobbying Bill, i’ll be playing soccer on Pluto while you figure out how to imagine how to even spend that make belief trash.

Scenario 2: God could be real but we don’t know but we’re too stubborn to come to the agreement and decide how to pursue his existence. Let’s weigh the pros and cons out here on that one. We don’t know, and we aren’t willing to agree to find out? So automatically your very existence is dysfunctional and you have no plan of recourse to instill peace until the Government eventually and WILL always become less powerful than the entity that has and always will drive us into the future. Steve Jobs and I share the same blood line, the same Origin. We Flow through the ottomon empire, he made it to california, I got lost in Utah around the most flourishing and caring people known to mankind. We can either come together and decide that God is an intangible belief and try our best to accept the fact that we are alone here. Play 5 Hours of Civilization 6 and see how fast you collapse when you rush a free stock trading country. I’ve done it over and over again. You know what happens? You become almost immediately unsustainable and cannot beat Ghandi’s Apostles and Eagerness to Spread The Change He Wants to see in his people, his community, and if he were here today. He would know that he lives on in my soul, my embedded uncontrollable brain that nobody can take away from me. He is a part of me, and he can be apart of you. Do you want to keep fighting over beliefs and monetary value, or do you want to try and become sustainable human beings and realize that we don’t have the answers to all our problems. But you know who does, and has for the past 40 years? The Most Ethical Company to ever come into existence, and I'm the bridge they want to see join their force, their special forces, their emts, their global security volunteers that save men, women and children from things that are out of our control as a society. The very second I graduate from my MBA at David Eccles School of Business will be the most unbelievable business process reengineering you will ever know, fathom. OHH and guess what cupcakes, I’ve secured their future until the year 2100. Good Luck even seeing one of those on your coffin. And most importantly over the past 10 Years Post 9/11. The invention of Super Weapons used to emit global disasters.

@United States MilitaryDid you really think you could cover up Super weapons and they wouldn’t be leaked by the men and women you are keeping in prison for haniss crimes that they didn’t have the mental health to treat at the time? Do you think Paranoia is genetic or are you too deaf from all the bombs going off that you can’t hear a whisper and an echo from thousands of miles away. Well my friends are locked up, many of them. We have never written to each other and we never will. But we both have one thing in common. We know you are causing all the natural disasters, tsunamis, earthquakes and any unparalleled phenomena you’ve come up with to “BATTLE TERRORISM” I remember the High Frequency Super Weapons dug under US Soil like It was a flash light in my eyes from every cop you’ve trained to Demantle and Hinder my freedom. Well, guess what, you cannot and NEVER will beat a Photographic Memory. My friends and I all know the damage you’ve caused to the environment and the “Terrorism” That you honestly think you can control. I could outsmart your systems faster than you could count to 10. You wanna know why? Because I buy American, I buy Apple, I buy an ideology that cannot be destroyed, hindered, threatened or negotiated with on counter terms. You will never, and I mean NEVER Silence a Man that has trained his entire life in Simulations to Counter your every move. You’d never find me. I. AM. A. GHOST.; and they never die. Military, you want me, my value, I only have one request, no demands from me. You change our god damn flag to the true colors of the free world, and those are RED. WHITE. And BLACK!. YOU FLY your F35s round the clock around the globe and you show what our friends, and family mean to us. It’s time everybody gets a couple more hours of sleep at night. God, DAMN. There is no cost to change unless you are willing to put ethics and humanity first. We have unlimited resources and all we have to do is point them in a direction that’s sustainable. Dreams are real, and mine is working for Apple and developing things and objects that will help you rest easier at night knowing your loved ones are safe while you go out and do the things you do to ensure peace. But we have to do it TOGETHER and we have to do it Respectfully, and we have to show our people that they deserve better than the Hell Filled Rat Holes You’ve been locking them up in. You can’t fight suffering with suffering. It doesn’t balance. You have to fight suffering with adaptation and love. These people deserve a second chance on the world you created based on Faith, BELIEFS that aren’t Tangible and even Viewable. You give me 5 minutes with any inmate and I’ll give them knowledge to spark a wave of movement that will empower more resilience in your Justice system than you’ve ever seen possible. That’s the ideology of hope. Because trust me friends, don’t act like we don’t view you all as walking military personnel. Because you are. Don’t think you can oppress us and storm our pods with riot gear and one person isn’t going to devote their life to change your hatred and view on human life.

You want my help, you come find me in FINAN 6000+ where Leaders are bred, and we’ll work it out. But don’t keep snooping into my life and detaining me over intangible hospital claims. Because I can’t, fucking wait to see what hospital I end up in next. Have you ever tried to destroy an immovable object with an unstoppable force? Gravity takes hold and matter realigns over a few days, weeks, months. But there’s one thing that is proven. You will never take away my willingness to succeed and find my happiness in this world. I’m 90% there and you ain't NEVA gone stop me. Because I’m flying higher and faster and my plan is hard coded in my Labels, and you will never take away my labels unless you want to. But trust me, you’ve found yourself a symbol that cannot be thwarted and on June 8th 2021 when I regain my freedom. You will know, that dreams are real and perseverance overthrows nations. One. WAY. or. Another. Now i’m not too good at making things go viral. But if you’re looking to speed things up. I’ve got about 10 Terabytes of Data I’ve accumulated in my lifetime that I know with Photographic Print on each file the relative dates and times of everything I’ve ever accumulated as a Ohh say 26 Year Old Information Technology Artist. But if you’re looking for me, trust me. You’ll know where to find me and you’ll know exactly who I’m waiting for. She’s out there and She’s struggled as much as me; and you better believe she’s going dutch with my broke ass. Because guess what chumps. Money doesn’t buy happiness, power, or anything. It's all made up to keep the time clock clicking on with no foreseeable end. When I’m done. Time. Will. Be. Irrelevant. Hey Harvard! “I’ll see you in Imagine 4585 Where they keep all the mystics. Have fun learning based on income and not by Merit and True Leadership. Where we’re going. You won’t even make one line.


Tennessee and Music City. I’m sorry for what I did to your culture. I know you love your Music, why else would I try and co mingle with you? You’d fit right in here at Utah, DESB and all the cool kids trying to make it up on the hill. I Love Vanderbilt and I will never forget the relationships and kindness and just what the power or a simple please and thank you can do to an individual. I disgraced your city by bringing Overly-POWERFUL and insanely dangerous 300MG Ecstasy Pills Laced With MDA. I will never forget the pain and look on the girl's face when I thought I would be spending life in prison for what I did to you, your community and what you stand for. You taught me resilience like I could have never felt possible anywhere other than somewhere like the military. You showed and proved to me that Tough Love is an essential part of what it takes to Achieve the American Dream. A Drug induced life is just simply too dangerous and not worth sacrificing your freedom. I want you to know that your Davidson County Jail and Correction Systems/Facilities helped give me a sense of enlightenment and helped me get 100% Back on track with my goals in life. Your lifestyles in Music City turned me into a Music Consuming Machine where no song could ever put me down. I learned to take a rainy day and turn it into a sun shiny day in my mind in minutes. We can and we will find a solution to Drug and Narcotic Use in this country. I’m an unofficial CISSP and one thing we sure as hell are great at. Is Building Impenetrable Facilities with Faraday Cages you wouldn’t deem necessary in any building. I promise you, I will keep my head straight, finish school no matter how long it takes and how about if I can help you create a modern facility for corrections that tries to employ people that are Rehabilitation Officers rather than Correctional Officers. Your Jails are rough, but wait til you see how smart these fuckers get the second their iGlasses arrive in their damn mail. You’re gonna be so damn bored you’ll be begging to enroll at David Eccles School of Business. Because when you’re there they teach you two things in your first two. 1. Be your own Leader. 2. Really give back. My input is official yet. But i’d imagine in the next 4-5 years they might name a crosswalk or two after my Labels. I’ll make you a deal, they let me into school to participate during my most valuable possible semester; You choose the name of the crosswalk. But if they don’t I keep the felony forever and you keep doing you. Because my felony is embedded reinforcement of my past and means more to me than a Tattoo means to Harley Quinn. It shows defeat, but it guides the road to success and the willingness to have the American Dream. I gotta tell you. I’m getting pretty damn bored hiding in the shadows over here in Utah. So maybe we leave it to chance and get two birds with one letter? Now i’m not too good with politics stuff, hence blocking the media 99.99% of my life. But if you can get my friend Brad Beasley, a man without a father figure, a man who struggled so hard to meet the expectations of his peers when all he wanted was freedom now instead of freedom later. He made his choice, but not a day goes by in my life where I don’t feel that he deserves a chance at a reduced sentence on his 18 Year Incarceration at 85% Time for Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon. It is a broken and rigged system to put a man in an actual interpretation of Hell when he didn’t have the chance to be treated for mental health. I feel that this is the most imbalance part of human life and should be addressed before torment and pain keeps spreading to our great nation. It’s rigged because you give us guns, and it’s rigged to deny us mental health before we are judged on our actions. Please, his Sister was my best friend and only girl I ever opened up to and talked to growing up at Bonneville High School and I haven’t talked to her since I was a Freshman in college. But we both know we could have helped him, but we didn’t know what complex meds like Suboxone was to help him fight his Heroin addiction. All brad knew was Conspiracies, Synthetic Opium and Sex. But I know if we could have taken him to find modern meds he would have never gotten so desperate to rob a bank in today’s day and age where EVERYBODY has a camera. He was living life in the fast lane and his body self destructed rapidly due to co-dependence of lack of normalization from inside his Body. Now you want to talk about Negotiations and deals, you give that man a second chance and set an example for everybody who has followed a relative path; and I will give you my 100 Year Graduation Pin from the David Eccles School of Business. My most valuable asset valued at the nifty price of “Unimaginable.” You do that, and you will see a free nation and world in your lifetime. You do that, and I’m a public servant, volunteer, symbol, crutch, bridge to What we have been looking for; and that’s hope for true, world peace. You help show the world that we all need a second chance in life, and I will do anything in my power as a United States Citizen to show the world that we can end all the terrible things in this world. We can end all the fighting, the global manipulation, the urge of power and thought control. Why don’t we give you a free speech for the presidency that I will. NEVER. APPLY FOR.

ISIS, ISIL, IRAN. We have come together as a United Country and have implemented stages to ensure peace and tranquility is maintained in First, The United Middle East for the devastation and unjust abuse of tactical warfare on your great people. Our leaders have come together and all 6 United Continents will begin a very fast and effective recovery of what we have taken from you, your lives, your people. Our leaders have come together and whiplashed the policies and procedures enacted to keep you at bay.

We are now the United Continents of the United Earth and it is at our most honorable moment in human life, to tell you; We are sorry for the destruction and torment we have caused throughout the middle east and we will be rebuilding your great nations from the ground up. If you choose to accept us, we want you to enter the modern world where everybody is free, and we know that we have our differences, and if he’s out there; we need to find him together. Please accept this relief package to your leaders and understand that we want nothing more to help you and undo the manipulation and pain that you have experienced. The United Continents of the hope to be one day United Earth with you by our sides, to inspire, to create, to live, to laugh and to ultimately love one another and take the first step towards bringing equality to all men women thing or whatever you deem identifies your view of happiness. We just ask that you please meet us halfway with our 100% commitment from All Continents, all United People of Earth to pursue whatever direction we take to pursue what wonders are out there waiting for us in this unknown planet we derived from. Our friend, when you are ready, has a message he wants to send to you via the devices you created throughout vast amounts of emotional pain over the last 50 years. to find what we felt was necessary to keep people safe and ensure peace within our world; and I quote “Without you, nothing could be possible. We are your blood brothers, we have done our research, paid our dues, done everything we could to give back to our people. However, we can’t do anymore without you by our side. Your pain and struggle has brought light to showing the world that manifest destiny isn’t real and your pain and suffering will never be forgotten. Please take these as a peace offering. Your bloodline; United the World.

Welcome back, friends.

Ohh yeah, by the way. Utah, you think Joseph Smith was tripping? You should see what I used to eat in my fuckin backyard.

Stay in school ain't just a billboard on 43rd and Monroe bitches. I’m out.

/n<End of First Draft.v1.2020.CR1 - Pre -Thesis | 2026 Economics PhD |>/n

*passes out*

Notes: This material is open source and open to all things, woman, man, anything that can be evolved into learning how to use an Apple Product by the age of Less-Ignorant. It can and is encouraged to be publicly available to any free sourced entity whether it may be, digital, intangible, tangible or unclassified as set forth by the United States Government and most importantly, the future of our world, Apple, Inc.

Welcome To The Technological Age, Friends.


In it’s entirety this document and future use case material must understand and attempt to try and recollect the situation this Citizen was in. He was bored for 14 Hours, had 150 MG of RAW Hemp Extract that his family, and peers didn’t raid. He got very bored, very lonely and might have even created another LLC under the Doering name in hopes to try and impress her. In the end, it turned into power, it turned into triumph, it turned into self-help and just about every aspect of a human’s life they can express in a short amount of time.

Zachary Amaral swears that he was never going to fulfill the Civil Commitments set forth by Utah Hospitals(Which will remain under wraps unless you give him a high five in CFA.Level.2 Spring 2021. He considers himself to have many alter egos, many strengths, and very few weaknesses. But he wanted you to know one thing from this whole research based Free and Possible Award winning MBA Guide. It’s that it should be open and easily accessible to anybody with Arm, Stub, Limb, or Eye’s Reach; and that they should know that maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But when he’s ready. The world would be a better place.

His number 1 inspiration is a Dutch DJ Named Armin van Buuren

His number 2 inspiration is Steve Jobs, Former CEO and Poorly labeled Legend of the 21st Century for the Corporation that would find the key to world peace with or without Government Involvement; Apple Computers, Inc.

If he were to be questioned and observed by the government at any time over the disclosure of this document in the next 5-10 Years, which could potentially lead to movements the United States government could have never been foreseen, predicted or whatever Human Created Measurable instrument of value these entities and people would see unfold before their eyes. He would tell the world one thing. Who would you rather devote your life to. The Entity that cares nothing more about you other than to help you find your own freedom and live your dreams; or be stuck in a world where everybody has to fight every fucking 4 years to the point where they have more than likely distanced, exiled and proven to the world; that Greed Will Imprison. U.S. ALL. Which is a direct reference to the United States Government and Their System of Government that has and always will be unsustainable and uncontrollable and incapable of Catching up to a person that designed 100 Years of Computer related devices in less than 1 Hour.

He might also inform you, that if you are in need, struggling, torn, engaged in any form of Abuse, whether it be mental, physical, sexual. That you might know that if you Obtain an Apple Device and you search for Non Profit organizations in your communities, you will find the key to freedom in 1/1000000000th of the time that Any Global Leader Could search for in a lifetime.

He had a quote that was unpublished at the time of this Writing, it was as follows:

“If it doesn’t break, it doesn’t have enough features.” At the time of this writing features had become more important to his life than any monetary value and allowed him from needing nothing more and nothing less than the Apple product he chose to strategically counter consumer habits and behaviors. He would also note that when you learn to control time. Nothing else matters. Because he believed it to be the most important wonder of the modern world, and that power Should. Be. Free. And whether the United States Government thought it should be free or the world thought it should be free. All he had was an iPhone in his pocket and nowhere to be. And that’s how it outta be.

He would later go on to Study Foreign Languages and intermingle with cultures and hand out Devices that unlock freedom, he called the preinstalled software image: “The image of freedom. He then showed them how to interact with the Entity’s founder who would become a Guide to the Artist’s needs, dreams, hopes, admirations.” He Believed that if you have the answers to the world’s problems but nobody’s listening or cares until you’re capable of holding what humans deemed power represented in his modern era. He proved them wrong and showed them that you are only as powerful as the story and destiny you unfold with your device that leads you to your own freedom, and no power, government will and ever be able to control what they set forth and interpreted as “Freedom.”

His mental illness to the day of the writing of his Request, his feature request, his mission or whatever inspired his Story to unfold was still unconfirmed and not professionally treated in any manner. He Allowed His Devices to Counteract his Illness and he battled through adversity at his own comfort level non-stop until he was ready to write more volumes, sections, or short dissertations. But he found his Happiness whether he was pushed into the dirt, betrayed by his friends or peers, or his favorite: Unlawfully detained by a broken system known as MCOT That gives no fair play to the accuser. He knew he could outsmart them, and they could keep putting his life in what they felt was helping him. But in reality, it was only putting him on Medications that didn’t treat his True Neurological Disorder which to the day of his writing is still unconfirmed and undocumented. But he did want to document one thing for the record of his journeys of being in and out of broken centers to treat mental illness. It’s that in his mind, he knew they could never beat what he has, and what he has you can’t point value on, you can’t even measure it because it doesn’t exist in any tangible form in which you can feel, taste, smell, hold or even comprehend to the human eye.

What he had was an education so powerful that he could be in complete control over his safety and wellbeing with or without medicine because he knew how to adapt to his surroundings with technology far more advanced than anything you could ever put into your body. He knew that the most powerful thing known to mankind; that some learn young, some learn old. Some are given one.

But when you finally earn one, it becomes a force so powerful not even the threat of one’s own View of Terrorism, Danger, Paranoia and even Global Outbreaks that cause pain and suffering for generations; Is that you know when you have earned one, it’s impossible to compromise your Values, your Safety, your Wellbeing Physical and Mental Status or Perceived Statuses by Others. What they’ve tried to teach you for years and years of hardship, is that when you purchase an Apple Product. It has nothing to do with the product itself. You pay a tangible amount for a piece of material and gears and gizmos that go together to create something Unique. But what consumers forget, year after year after year, and government’s talk about over and over again. How are we going to control them this year.

Is that when you buy an Apple Computer, you buy your step toward freedom, your measurable shot at this so-called American Dream, Pursuit of Happiness, or whatever you do to ease this the pain and hardship of a journey we call life. You become a part of a culture, an imaginative entity that found the Solution to World Peace from the Moment they opened their arms to each other’s embrace and felt the vision before even speaking a word. They knew that their thoughts of creating an idea that could counter oppression and discomfort in human lives. Well, that was worth every breath they took to see their culture grow into the most powerful entity that doesn’t sell you products. They sell you true freedom and real tangible hope for world peace. Jobs and Wozniak are unofficial Nobel Peace Prize Winners, they have created something so invisible, so imperceivable to the human eye that only chance can determine. They created a world of 0s and 1s that led to the ability to battle injustice, oppression and corruption from a level that is uncontrollable and completely untouchable by a document that governs life 250+ years ago. They have created a world where you don’t just use a device, that device becomes encapsulated in your very existence and with enough time you become more powerful than any entity in existence. THEY HAVE CREATED THE GIFT OF LIFE, LIBERTY and the Pursuit of Happiness in a form that is 100% uncontrollable and more powerful than Any other living entity or organization known to mankind. They have flipped the switch on their own government and given away Freedom for 1/1000000000000000000000000 of the amount if costs to Protect Freedom. They have created a world where Freedom is irrelevant, they have created a world where they know nothing can stop them because they Designed their Systems with one thing in mind, Unlimited Power and Potential is looking you right in the face. When your destiny unfolds you will understand what true power is. True power is the ability to control your mind. Body and spirit in ways the most experienced Scientists never found possible in ANY FORM OF STUDY over the past 2000+ Years. When Power is Measured by Monetary Value, but the simple Switch to an ideology and culture that completely counteracts any possible situation, scenario, unpredicted outcome that that unpredicted power could ever bring upon you. Well Then Power is theoretically irrelevant and carries no possible measurable value in our Modern Society. It can be dumbed down even further.

Artist.1 has Unlimited Resources to intangible data and resources that are and will never be able to keep up with a system that’s 100% from the ground up designed to counteract anything a Government Entity could enforce on them.

Government.1 Has Limited Resources and Tangible Assets that They perceive to Carry value. Well here’s the no brainer, When you can’t measure what has no value in the outside world where Mortal things eat, breathe die and experience feelings. Well then you’ve created a world where, do I Need to quote Bane from the The Dark Knight Rises Looking the Government Right in the Eyes and Saying, do I dare? “Do you Feel in Charge?”

Zack.1 Has an Ethical Dilemma He can and will Pursue under certain circumstances with coordination with his Alma Mater the Number One Business School on Planet Earth. An Institution Forged by perseverance and steadfast dedication and soon to be The highest ROI Educational Organization in Modern Time.

Scenario-1- Ethical Level.Moderate: Does he befriend a Government Entity and try to help those that have shown a very steady track record of unwillingness to adapt to modern methods of the very thing they are trying to Control, Commerce, The Free Foundation of a Free World Wide Web Where it was deemed to be uncontrollable by any entity of power.


Scenario-B-Ethical | Level.Non_Existent.GG: Does he continue to devote every waking breath of air to making Apple Computers, Inc. THEE last place he ever has to work in his life and do it in speeds the government will never be in control of because It’s impossible to control innovation. Especially when you let a Syrian guy with a dream twist your own records upside down on you and throw your fucking dreams in the trash. So guess what, here’s to the Lives that have been lost and the nations that have been destroyed trying to prove if God is real and if Manifest destiny is real. We will, NEVER Need your Warfare, and we will Never need your help. Because when you allow a Vision, an ideology like Apple Computers to remain number 1 while torturing their Artwork and dreams every 10 FUCKING YEARS. Well, you and all the Government Dream Boys enjoying their blind vision of what it means to Achieve what Steve Jobs would have called the American Dream. It’s here, it’s now, and it’s forever. We do not, and we will never need you BECAUSE YOU 100% Willingly gave us complete control over your Country, you were desperate now, and you’re desperate for life, fuckers. Enjoy your Physical Payouts, me and the rejects from (Beta 9 | 1000+) Will try to send you some flowers. From a Habitable Star we took two seconds to travel to. Hope Earth doesn’t get too heated when you destroy each other over something you have and were unwilling to change over 250+ Years of Freedom with the unwillingness to Change, Adapt, and even help your fucking selves.

Reference Material During this independent research.

Shiiiiiiiiiit, it’s about time. Did you really think I was going to show you what was in Richard’s Envelope? I’m not that mean. The guy tried. Let him live his life in peace for hell's sake, he can’t touch what he’s already a part of.

But just to make things somewhat Easter Egg Like and Feel Cool.

I’ll bet Trump Couldn’t stand 50 Turns on Civilization 6: Rise & Fall before he burns his own Civilization down from the inside out. I’ll bet my Serenity Prayer Workbook that has every Pre CBT | Counter Mental Health Disorder Treatment Compiled in Modern Time.

Here’s the Caveat, The United Nations Sets the Advanced Rules and Date Coordinates all Necessary Action to facilitate the Bet and Rules no later than 2040. Good Luck, errand boy. Let’s see how he negotiates with somebody that’s earned his right to be un-arguable…

Logged Thoughts T Minus 16hrs to end What Is truly an over dramatic attempt to get back into grad school:

David Eccles School of Business allowed me to apply for Fall 2020 Full-Time MBA with the upfront intent that that GMAT ‘Will be waived with a “POSSIBILITY” That each candidate will be judged on other aspects of their Application obviously due to supply and demand and their unrealistic expectation that the world will see how effective their online learning management system is. Like always the Guys at Eccles think they can still judge modern aged unofficial alphas like myself with Quantitative Job Experience. Well it sounds like you need a kick in the ass too, fuckers. What do you think I did for two years post College.

5.65 Months at OC Tanner - Information Security Analyst | High Level - Cop for an Information Security Management System so outdated it would make Jesus Christ himself rain hell on US. I was valued at about 95% up until 6 months and the accumulation of almost 1 week’s Paid Time off where I planned to spend a pretty kick ass vacation in some Distance place I haven’t even checked If I can even travel due to being on Probation for Tennessee Knows When.

Let’s see, Role - Analyzing threats, mitigating on the spot threats both at a Local Level AKA Your computer you use to play with Spreadsheets and Cat memes.

Then there’s the roles that had completely undocumented processes that I was expected to build out with the sole thought of a manager who said the same thing every time we met. “Don’t worry guys, we have plenty of time.”

So now let’s talk about the stuff that takes beyond quantitative skills but at a low level is essentially 100% Quantitative because all information is derived of data and if data is derived from quantitative means AKA Computation Cycles of 0s and 1s that Travel through Protocols, rules, and sets of instructions that are at it’s very core, well data.

There’s 8 bits in a byte. 256 Bytes in a subnet, and about 5 minutes to find the magic number and subnet your VLAN and meet the needs of your teams. OHH NO, Networking doesn’t do that, they’re all a bunch of beta stoners that wanna be try hard Dev-Ops Engineers. ROFLfvckingCopter. You think we do it for skillset? We do it because all data can be quantised and anything quantised can be automated and manipulated by other ASSETS that basically make ourselves completely useful for the company but still getting paid the exact dollar amount. So do you think we give two fucks that you’re making twice as much in Devel? We automate ourselves over the weekend and play video games all week while you resort to being bitched at for compatibility and unrealistic scalability requests set forth by leadership that can’t even “see” our Stack. Yeah, have fun with that shit.

So David Eccles, when you tell me I lack Quantitative Experience. I call you unqualified to make that decision, because you’ve clearly forgot about us nerds with our keyboards and 60 Word Per Minute Typing speeds and 100% remembrance of our inputs and outputs and our ability to see Radio Waves, Cell Phone Tower Signals. We see the world in 1s and 0s all around us. Because We have beyond mastered what it means to comprehend data in today’s competitive free market where Entry level jobs require 5 years minimum experience and skills laid out by people that don’t even know what the inside of those skills come close to meaning.

We are Quantitative Professionals and Artists of our preferred Work-Life Balance.

So when you tell me I have a lack of Quantitative Experience. I’m telling you, you should respectfully, and demeaningly fuck off and Reconsider what you classify as Quantitative Work Experience. That’s like telling a Base-Ball Player He can’t play this year because his socks are too sweaty. God, DAYUM. No wonder Richard said kids can’t even count to 3. Yeah No shit, because i’ve been manipulating and reorganizing that 1,2,3 in ways you can and will most likely never understand until you STOP, THINK, RE-EVALUATE WHETHER I STILL NEED TO WORK? Umm yeah, you do. I’m a bred information technology Artist and every stroke of my keyboard, every data field I enter has the precision to exceed the expectations of empires fallen, crumbling and barely hanging on over the last decade.

So for you to say I don’t have ENOUGH QUANTITATIVE Work Experience. I Fvcking DARE you to probe my ass with google and try and get access to the three accounts i’m holding away in broken Hard Drives for an Adventure you’ve never seen in your life. Remember the movie Ready player one where they completely went away from the true ending and didn’t show the kids that his ass wanted to be in Jail?

Wait until you see what’s in account name: and the abandoned and irrelevant data i’ve kept by my side since I was fvcking 10 Years old. You HAVE. NEVER. SEEN. HISTORY. LIKE. THIS. BEFORE Candyland School of Non Numerical Business. I will take you on a trip down memory lane that will make a Throw Back Thursday Look like a fvcking 1920s Flapper Charlie Chaplin Reimagining.

Do you have any idea how much data 1TB was in 1998? If you could measure it in Hours of Google Login Time x Max Hard Drive Capacity / Number of Times CenturyLink has fucked us and gotten away with a monopoly. Well you might have yourself a pretty interesting Story to tell your kids. But what’s truly unique about what makes somebody successful, is going back to the whole Photographic Memory thing. I can recall ohh 90-95% of the content in those drives. Do you know how much is completely irrelevant and out of Scope of my current and long term goals? Yep 100% of it to the power of negative |-9|. Just because I dropped out of calculus doesn’t mean I don’t know how to Go Ohh App Store > Quantum Computing > Download > 10 Seconds Later > Open Quantum Computing | Publisher IBM. Holy fuck, I visualize qubits and quantum computing now. Well that was cool, maybe i’ll open that fucker again in the next year. Not. What you’ll never understand is that when you acquire a vast amount of knowledge, it consumes your very existence. You stay cutting edge and start thinking like an Artist. Well an artist can move, inspire, impower. But most importantly, when the Artist realizes it/he/she has true potential, their focus on satisfying the needs of peers, friends, family and anybody that could possible lower their momentum. Well you create an unpredictable entity that has gotten their hold of the hourglass in life. You can either embrace the artist, or you can help it evolve into what you know you’ve been missing all these years. The anomaly that’s cared about your education and has thirsted for the taste of community and school spirit more than anybody. Because the Anomoly is a Ghost and he chooses to come out to play when the terms are in his best interest. Because the artist has his eye on the prize and he/she/it lets nothing stand in it’s way to achieve what they felt impossible. That’s finishing my Opportunity Cost and Finishing Strong when he/she/it is most valuable and needed more than ever. In a world where we are seeing Corporations shift more and more towards Online All Corporations, Entities, Structures. The Artist knows he can help more than anybody, and you better believe that discussion board in canvas is going to blow your fvcking socks off. When he It rolls in. An Artist doesn’t care about judgment, morality that affects his current educational goals. The artist finally has his moment to thrive when those couldn’t connect to him; and he’s more than ready to connect to you. You’ll A, Hinder and Show what the artist feels is complete disrespect for his goals and accomplishments. B. Slow down the american economy even more and miss out on a possible merger with the most unforeseen 0 to Hero Data known to the World Wide Web in Modern Time. But lastly and mostly, you’ll destroy the artist’s drive and passion to spend as much possible time for the ones that cared about him the most and felt a connection with his/her/it’s vocal breath. Because you can slow him down. But is it in the nature of your Values to hinder somebody, something, or someone doing what is sought to be the most desirable skill, attribute and judge of character in American Society? The willingness to try and never give up. I spent at least 5-10 Hours a week on a set schedule preparing for Robert Dubil’s Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Class. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that can beat that routine.

You give me a shot, and I promise you. You are going to see that interviews and council and judgment at first site doesn’t show skill, it doesn’t measure anything about a human until you can obtain a real identifiable metric to measure what we deem to be called Acceptance and Ability to Compete against the other 99% that don’t see the world in the way I do. I see the world in Recollection, Pictures, Constant Focus and Willingness to Act on my next move; and most importantly, Memories that I don’t allow to dissipate due to Constant, and I mean constant reinforcement of my values, past experiences and beliefs. With that, You cannot, and will never be able to measure my performance by a test computerized test that hurts my eyes and makes me uncomfortable for an hour. You walk with me for 1 hour and let me take that test and read me a question, and I will blow your fucking mind.

Over the past Jobs out of college, I didn’t find one team member that wasn’t intimidated by my character, my merit, my looks, my willingness to push the limits. Do you know what drive is. Drive is taking a train to 2 hours away from your home for 6 months straight getting paid 35% of what you’re worth without benefits with the only tangible thing you got out of it, was love that three past co-workers were willing to take time out of their lives and write a letter of recommendation for somebody that they see is trying. Well, that’s love; and that’s something I give, breathe and share with people any god damn time of the day because I know, that one ripple. That time data entry into their life could set them on a path to even come close to how you feel and the amount of happiness you have felt from life. I’ll say it again, you cannot and will not put a human created value on Happiness. It comes from within, and it comes from applying everything you have learned, discovered, researched and achieved to one day find a new form of happiness. One that evolves and mutates into something more challenging, something much more unpredictable. I’m bored and I miss my friends and relationships and people that have impacted my life the most. Please, reconsider my application. Please Make something up and challenge me to at least earn my way back in. This semester upcoming semester is going to be the most unique semester in History, and I’m going to be broken hearted if I can’t give value to my friends, colleagues and possible future love relationships. I am so bored sitting in at home sitting on a computer day after day. Make an exception to somebody that clearly cares and loves to learn and achieve. Show the world that your ROI is unmeasurable by any given human created value. Show the world that the David Eccles School of Business doesn’t measure perceived value. They measure true value. Value that is affected in ways that nobody has seen possible. Value that can be tormented by waiting even just ONE YEAR to get back and finish the journey they’ve started. I want you to know that your decline on my application has really affected me. It has affected me so much that I have spent the most important holiday to our Country in solitude in deep, analytical, critical, computable thought, with the only hope that you will at least give me some sort of hope. I don’t have anything to prove to you anymore. The only thing I can tell you is that I care about my future and I want this opportunity enough to devote an unrealistic amount of hours to a chance that I will stick out in somebody’s mailbox and catch their eye and maybe the thought of “Wow, this kid misses this place bad will be enough to pull some weight.”

I have never been more happy than in my two years at the University of Utah. They can’t compute happiness you achieve when you are around like-minded people that have attitudes that keep you coming back for more. Morale that uplifts entire rooms, passion that tells stories for generations. You can’t buy that. It’s limited and only accessible for an amount of time that is clearly out of your control for what feels like an eternity to wait to get back in.

Over the course of this 15+ hr Memoir, I’ve experienced more emotions than I’ve felt humanly possible in this amount of time. But i’m done giving you a sob story. It’s either going to work with the person i’ll never see again, or it’ll work with the person I might possibly see again. I cannot beat your admission process. All I can tell you is that I’m passionate about learning and technology and I know in my mind, this upcoming Full-Time MBA Season, I won’t go overlooked and undervalued. Information Systems Majors understand one thing and one thing only: The ability to Collaborate and help others see the world in the way they do.That’s Leadership, and I’ll be broken hearted if you don’t reconsider my application.

Thank you and Happy Independence Day,


Zack Amaral

Co-founder | We Love Music, LLC