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Broad Spectrum CBD | Straw-Nana CBD Wax | 1 Gram


Straw-Nana CBD Wax Dab (70%) – 1gram

We start with an amazing 80% moist broad spectrum CBD Wax and add a blend of terpenes to create the Strawberry-Banana flavor cbd wax dab….tasty and fun! 
(This is sold by weight, not volume.  So, depending on how compact the crumble is, it may appear as more or less when compared with another jar.  This is normal since it is sold by weight.  If you get a compacted piece, feel free to break it up and it will appear larger for you.)
If you like a quality, moist cbd dab, then this may be just what you’ve been seeking.  Rich in over 75% CBD (over 750mg of CBD per gram of product), plus approx 9.4% CBG, 1.5% CBN, .8% CBDv, .12% CBDa and 4% terpenes.  
 SUPER TASTY CBD WAX DAB- Strawberry-Banana!
The only ingredients in our Straw-Nana CBD Wax are Hemp Oil Extract and all natural terpenes.  Nothing else is added.  
Ingredients (1gram):
  • Hemp Extract
  • All Natural Terpenes
 Even though the wax is super rich in CBD, the Straw-Nana terpenes stand out nicely.  There is still an very present hint of the original plant.  But, for the most part, the sweet strawberry-banana flavor comes through stunningly.    
This comes from a Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract (whole plant).  However, since this comes from a different plant line than our other cbd hemp products, the amount of “other” cannabinoids found in this product is different than our other products.  The non-CBD cannabinoids are naturally lower in this product due to the plant strain, while the CBD is incredibly high.
Like all Highland Pharms CBD Products:
  • From Hemp Grown in the U.S.A.
  • All Organically Grown
  • Non GMO
  • SuperCritical CO2 Extraction for CBD in Pristine Condition
You won’t find any other CBD Wax that is sweet and fruity like this one….yet with an incredible flavor from the high level of terpenes.
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Broad Spectrum CBD | Straw-Nana CBD Wax | 1 Gram
Broad Spectrum CBD | Straw-Nana CBD Wax | 1 Gram
Broad Spectrum CBD | Straw-Nana CBD Wax | 1 Gram