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CBD Shatter 950mg | Full Plant Terpenes | 1 gram


What is Shatter?  It is CBD Isolate (meaning it is just CBD Crystals or Powder isolated from the full spectrum hemp extract found in our other products) with terpenes added to make it into a rock formation for vaping or smoking.  Many brands are pushing CBD Shatter that is made with fruity terpene blends like blueberry, pineapple, strawberry, etc.  NOT AT HIGHLAND PHARMS!
At Highland Pharms, we take the full range of terpenes found in our beautiful plants and add ALL OF THEM to our CBD Isolate to make the Shatter.  What does that mean?  It means you get a product that smells just like the full plant when it bloom.  Its a little more subtle than a big glistening, drippy bud, but it has the same aroma.
We wish Youtube had a function for smelling products.  You’d be amazed at how your computer screen would smell!


So, what’s in it?  Again, its CBD Isolate and Terpenes.  That’s all.  CBD and Terpenes.  Nothing else.  In each gram, there is a minimum of 950mg of CBD, meaning it is at least 95% pure.  However, we know it’s even higher, probably closer to 98% or so.
Ingredients (1 gram):
  • CBD Isolate Crystals
  • Naturally Occurring Plant Terpenes
Below is a copy of the test done on the Terpenes extracted from the plants used in our products.  This test shows the ratio of terpenes found in the plants used in our products.  For instance, you’ll see our terpenes are very high in Myrcene and Caryophyllene.  
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CBD Shatter 950mg | Full Plant Terpenes | 1 gram